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I have Robbie with yet for one more conversation, this time to listen to his heart speak.

1. Do you plan to write a book for teenagers? A novel of 300 odd pages?

The Day I Ate My Teacher has a bit more absurd humor that will appeal to pre-teens and early teens, and The Yearbook, another story for upper elementary/lower high-school students, is probably going to be close to 300 pages. I am not aiming for a YA audience, however—my passion is for the lighthearted fun of middle-grade fiction.

2. Any change you have seen in yourself since you started blogging and writing books?

Yes! I think I’ve had to become better at working with a variety of different people online. I deal with some incredible people and companies who help with cover design, editing (cough cough… Shalini), the art of writing, mailing list administration, promotion (that’s also you, Shalini), and marketing and publishing the final product.

3. Now that you are a published well known author/poet, do your friends and family treat you differently?

I get more requests to proof-read job applications! Haha! I don’t mind, though, because those same friends and family are there when I need to bounce ideas around, or fix a plot hole!

4. What do you do in your free time? Do you ever sleep?

Yes. I know you don’t believe me, but I sleep like a baby! I also read, drink too much coffee (just ask Adam), and I like to keep fit, too. I also probably spend a bit too much time watching Netflix (my latest favorite show is “The Good Place”).

5. Any last words at the end of this interview. (*eyes Robbie threateningly* better praise me or else….)

Praise you? I would not even know where to start! Shalini, you are the most knowledgeable, incredible, kind-hearted, witty and creative person—Adam and I are both so glad that our paths crossed yours!

6. A note for my bloggers. They are the best and the sweetest…

Bloggers: you ROCK! It’s so exciting to be part of such a wonderful, supportive, hilarious community who share my love of literature—thank you for taking the time to read One Very Odd Teacher and review the book. To see a blogger dive into the book and meet the characters is the most incredible pleasure!

Oh Robbie!! You are so wonderful, I am such a fan!!

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  1. See: again more proof that you really are absolutely wonderful😊 Really enjoyed reading along with this tour: you did an amazing job, and should be proud of yourself! 😊

    1. Yayyy.. Thank you so much!! I worked hard on this, but then Michel, I had an author like Robbie, who didn’t say it is my job, but said – how can I help you? How many authors/humans do that? He is kind and quite selfless, hence working for him, making his tour a success brings an extra zest. He is more enthusiastic than I am!!

      1. Haha, well in that case you BOTH did a great job, but nonetheless you are the one that also did a lot of work for this getting all together. So really give yourself a lot of credit as well: you simply deserve it! 😊😊

    1. Yes, I agree. Are you hinting at something *looks with threatening squinty eyes again*
      Please cozy babe, enlighten me? 😉😉😂😂🤣🤣

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