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I have been hearing good things about the Author Brent Jones and his serial thriller book Afton Morrison series . So when I got the opportunity to buy this book, I took it on and read through it in a single sitting.

I like vengeance being wrecked on a man when he shatters the life of a woman. This is what I get from this book, the need for revenge burning bright in me as in Afton from the get-go. The book starts with a bang, with the main character Afton surveilling Kenneth as she is sure he is going to attack again. Afton then discovers a lot many things including a dead body, writing on the wall framing her, a witness, and stolen evidence.

My first book by author Brent Jones, saw me stuck to my iPad, turning the pages fervently hoping to come to the end. At five feet two inches, Afton packs a punch. I could identify with her need for revenge, to prevent more women from being hurt. She had Animus, her soul sister, who was the vengeant part of her, egging her on. Her psyche was complex, and I loved that Brent painted her grey. Those are the shades that stuck close to me. The dichotomy in her character clung to me as mine does, on most times. I loved the fact Afton hates being called as a victim, I hate that too. We are survivors. Women who live by our own rules now.

And then came my niggles, the book ended in a cliffhanger. I generally don’t mind those if I am given a complete story. Here I was given only the appetizer without much of a backstory. I do understand that it is a serial novel, but yet it left me unsatisfied. A complete value for money, it is not. But a great start to the series, it sure is. But since the book has been free for some time, it is a great read.

I bought the digital copy of this book, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart.

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From bad checks to bathroom graffiti, Brent Jones has always been drawn to writing. He won a national creative writing competition at the age of fourteen, although he can’t recall what the story was about. Seventeen years later, he gave up his freelance career as a social media manager to pursue creative writing full-time. Fender and The Fifteenth of June are his first two novels.

Jones writes from his home in Fort Erie, Canada. He’s happily married, a bearded cyclist, a mediocre guitarist, (sometimes) vegetarian, and the proud owner of two dogs with a God complex. Subscribe to his newsletter (AuthorBrentJones.com) or follow him on social media (@AuthorBrentJ) for updates.

We all wear masks, and Afton Morrison is no exception.

A small-town librarian with a dark side, Afton, twenty-six, has suppressed violent impulses her entire adult life. Impulses that demand she commit murder.

Blending her urges with reason, Afton stalks a known sexual predator, intending to kill him. But her plan, inspired by true crime and hatched with meticulous care, is interrupted by a mysterious figure from her past. A dangerous man that lurks in the shadows, watching, threatening to turn the huntress into the hunted.

Publication date: 25th June 2018

41 Responses

  1. Hi Shalini,

    Great review, and I’m so glad to hear that Go Home, Afton kept you drawn in.

    Your humanizing take on “Animus” Afton is refreshing. A lot of readers have been quick to chalk up Animus as an indicator of multiple personalities, or a psychotic break, or even a touch of paranormal.

    The truth is, I intended the “Animus” Afton character to be left as an unknown. I wrote her as a foil of sorts. A dichotomy, as you put it. Imagery representing the fight between good and evil within Afton. But as the story rolls on, Animus will play an increasingly important role.

    With regard to the cliffhanger, I would like to address that, if you don’t mind.

    The Afton Morrison Series, as you rightly pointed out, is a four-part serial novel. In other words, it was intended to be read as one complete story, but not necessarily all at once, unless you’re the type to binge.

    I did this for a number of reasons, which (a few months ago) I explained on my (blog) website.

    First, and perhaps most obvious, the ebb and flow of the story warrants four distinct parts. If I had chosen to release all four parts under one enormous title — Go Home, Afton, let’s say — I think the average reader would’ve found that there was a little too much going on in a single title.

    Second, I’m a relatively unknown author. Now that all four parts have been released, I’m offering the complete series as one bundle. For context, the paperback has a spine close to two inches thick and it weighs two pounds, and the audiobook version is more than twenty-one hours long. The eBook version of the complete series bundle is $9.99.

    If I had simply released that to begin with, in all three formats — rather than the four individual parts of the story, one at a time — and asked readers to take a gamble on me and my writing, I think it would’ve been a much tougher sell.

    “Hmm… ten bucks. I don’t know this guy. I don’t know his writing. I’ve never heard of Afton Morrison. I don’t know if I will like it.”

    But offering the first book in the series, Go Home, Afton, for free (or 99 cents when you got it), it gave new-to-me readers a chance to sample my writing and the story to see if he or she would like to continue reading. This gamble has paid off, as the sell-through rate to books two, three, and four (as well as the complete series) has been strong.

    Third, and perhaps most important, I’m convinced that, in 2018, we (for the most part) prefer to consume fiction in serial format.

    Take, for example, your favorite television shows. What are they? Jessica Jones, perhaps? Billions? The Walking Dead? It almost goes without saying now that, when we start a new television series, on Netflix or otherwise, we can expect the story to unfold in serial format.

    And while a complete season might tell a complete story, each individual episode, on its own, does not. In fact, very few viewers would take much satisfaction from watching a single episode on its own, without moving on to the next, often with a cliffhanger bridging one episode to the one that follows.

    This closely resembles how I structured The Afton Morrison Series. Books one through four (season one) tell a complete story, but each book (episode) on its own, does not. And should I decide to write new books in this series down the road, I’d likely release them in the same format — three or four books at a time, each telling one piece of a larger overall story.

    There’s only one more thing I want to mention on this point. I was careful, when writing the four books in this series, not to waste keystrokes. Anything that happened in book one, happened for a reason, even though that reason might not become clear until books two, three, and four.

    Oh, jeez… I didn’t mean to write an essay here. I went on way longer than I thought I would. Okay, I’ll leave it at that! Hope that makes sense.

    Thanks for reading and reviewing, Shalini. I appreciate your kind words!


    1. I understand what you are saying Brent…
      Let me discuss the points
      I have an Animus in me too that hates everyone and wants revenge, so I understood her pretty well. Every survivor will have that in her core. That is the way we survive our bad days.

      I understand the concept of serial books, but for me, books are expensive even at the rate you have put it… The entire series is nearly 10 dollars that is two meals for my family or vegetables and fruits for my family for the whole week. Hence I cannot afford it. Books are a luxury for me.
      Even if I buy a single book, it is one day meal for my family. So I think very carefully before I buy books.

      I don’t come from your developed countries where there are libraries and book stores and charity stores etc. So I have no access to books except Amazon.

      I agree to your entire comment. It makes sense from your POV.

      At the end of it, if I am buying the book, I need it to be a complete story. Just my thought according to my life situation.
      The book is great. You are a good writer. I am glad you could write Afton well, her being a survivor.

  2. I have this one on my cloud but since it is a cliffhanger – which I despise with all my being – I will waiting for the following books before I dive in, although your review has me wanting to take a look already. How you taunt me!

    1. All the books are in…. The bundle of 4 books is already written. So you can buy and read the whole story… It is beyond my budget now… So one day I will get it

  3. First, I have to say, great review, Shalini! Secondly, I really like that cover. It’s very eye-catching. The book sounds interesting and, as usual, you do a nice job of describing what you liked/didn’t like about it. However, serial novels are one of my biggest pet peeves. I understand a lot of authors use them as a marketing tactic to lure readers in, but it pisses me off that I have pay more and then more and then more for each portion of a story. If the author decides to put it all together in one book, then I may consider buying it. Otherwise, I’ll pass. This is just my own personal preference, certainly nothing against the author or his book. I wish him the best with this story and many others. 🙂 Happy Monday to you, Shalini!

    1. Happy December darling and happy Monday/Tuesday to you…
      I am also not fond of serial books, because I don’t get books from library or other stores. And amazon doesn’t offer us too many sales…
      The Author has put all the books in 1 and that’s cool.. But it is a bit expensive for me now… Maybe one day in sale…
      Have a great work day!!

        1. Thank you ❤️ I have had people tell me that I should not think about 3 or. 4 dollars while buying a book, well, for them it is affordable not for me… Such is life, Misty… Thanks for the support ❤️

          1. Seriously people have said that?? That’s ridiculous 3-4 dollars is a lot to some people plus it all adds up. You’re welcome I’m sorry people acted like that.

          2. Yp they did… I look after my old parents hence I have to be very careful about my budget… Thanks for all your support 😘💞

  4. as always, Shalini, a great review and i can understand where you are coming from. we retired here in the US who depend on Soc Sec and are still helping with our daughter’s support have no dollars to do books. (planning for retirement doesn’t help if unforeseen events wipe you out.) i depend on authors contributions in exchange for reviews (which i think was how i got Brent’s first book). we also get books from Bookbub (free) for my hubby and i get from NetGalley (free) for read and review. we have two gorgeous libraries close by that have technology up the wazoo. but for upcoming books–i look to NG. if i can’t get free, i can’t get.

    1. I buy books those that I desperately want but I am careful. I have to think carefully. When I was young, I used to buy more because parents looked after me. But now I look after my parents. So their books come first, their lives come first.
      I too depend on NG and I keep a watch for amazon sales. We don’t have kindle sales yet for international books, but Amazon has opened the market for us…
      I love books, but I love my family more, Gin… My life revolves around them

  5. Terrific review Shalini and I enjoyed reading the author’s point of view as well. I read a lot of serial type books as I was growing up so this format actually intrigues me.

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