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This review is solemnly dedicated to my mysterious friend, my Honolulubelle, the Divine Jester, Empress DJ. She is well known on the blogging world for her fantastic vocabulary, her obsession for Brit words, and her smirks. She loves Mr Google. And if the book makes her smirk, it is a hit. Her reviews are simply to die for… I have no idea how she writes it all, in a few exemplary words. She is afar but oh so close to my heart. Check out her blog, she is awesome!!

This book was suggested by her as a part of my Christmas Reads. DJ, all my love to you ❤️

A fabulous book which finds itself not only in my Christmas Reads but also has a firm place in my heart. My first book by Sarah Morgan, and with her words, she is not firmly entrenched in the pericardium of my heart. Why in the covering and not the heart, you ask? Because her words are so warm that they form a protective cover over my cold heart warming me through and through.

The Christmas Sisters Hannah, Beth, and Posy were coming home for Christmas, which had mom Susanne in a harried state trying to get everything done on time. Secrets and past both had a way of bubbling into the future bursting the surface as a hot warm geyser.

I loved the way author Sarah Morgan has colored the personalities of the Sisters with a different shade giving them hues that changed color with circumstances, but they all came from the basic soul-born color of love. The bond between sisters was a sight to behold as it often is in real life.

A tragedy could give rise to so many repercussions and change lives in unexpected ways. Friend Susanne too found her life irrevocably changed when Cheryl and her husband lost their lives in an avalanche and she became the sole and soul guardian of 3 frightened, beautiful kids. It was beautiful to see the way she adapted and adopted the girls with her husband wrapping all of them in love like Christmas gifts.

The only niggle I could think of which was actually hilarious too was the child painted the walls with red lipstick and the mother reacted by asking – Is my child dead? Why is there so much blood….? Lipstick drawing on the wall = blood dripping on the wall.. Ah well… Delights of fiction. I tried painting my wall with my old red lipstick…. Nah didn’t look like blood…

The story of the past and the present, relationships and love, change and stability all had me longing to read all the books by this talented author.

I read the digital copy of the book, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan writes lively, sexy contemporary stories for Harlequin.

Romantic Times has described her as ‘a magician with words’ and nominated her books for their Reviewer’s Choice Awards and their ‘Top Pick’ slot. In 2012 Sarah received the prestigious RITA(R) Award from the Romance Writers of America. She lives near London with her family.

All Suzanne McBride wants for Christmas is her three daughters happy and at home. But when sisters Posy, Hannah and Beth return to their family home in the Scottish Highlands, old tensions and buried secrets start bubbling to the surface.

Suzanne is determined to create the perfect family Christmas, but the McBrides must all face the past and address some home truths before they can celebrate together . . .

Publication Date: 1st November 2018

Publisher: HQ

37 Responses

    1. Hehehe I never liked liquid matte so that didn’t strike me… I used my old lipstick, it was weird on the wall 😂😂 but it is tough to clean lipstick from the wall… 😂 😂

  1. Looks good! It reminds me of the authors Marian Keyes and Sinead Moriarty. A lot of their books are focused on family and specifically the relationship between sisters. I’ve never read anything by Sarah Morgan, but I think I’ll give her a try!

    1. I love both Marian and Sinead… I agree to you… This was a beautiful at the same time fun read… The book had many points which I wanted to talk about but it would become a very long review… Hence I stuck to basics💕

  2. Love your review, Shalini. I wanted to read this one this year, but it will have to wait. Glad you enjoyed it. The lipstick comparison is funny! 💋❤😁

    1. This was really sweet, something so at for the Christmas warmth. Jenn, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but there is something in the air that makes this time of the month so warm and so beautiful and so loving… I just love all the vibes which are present in the air

  3. Yay – I’m glad you liked it, I love her writing style but know her flawed characters aren’t for everyone.

    1. Well, I haven’t seen that movie, just checked Google… Three women and a baby…. Hmm 🤔 🤔 quite different I would say… But maybe there were 3 different women with different personalities, mayhap

  4. Wonderful review Shalini. I absolutely love your way with words. You even had me laughing at your review, lipstick on your walls….. I have this one to read, but ran out of time to read it before Christmas. I guess I will have to read it after Christmas.

    1. I am just glad I didn’t try lipstick on wall in front of my tiny tot niece, my sis wouldn’t have liked me at all😂😂😂 I was imagining my niece painting on wall with sister’s lipstick 😂😂

      1. My granddaughter has been writing on the walls at home with markers. Everytime her parents think they have thrown them all away, she finds another one. I bought her an easel for Christmas so she can use that now. 😀😀

  5. Do you’ve made me excited to check out another blogger and you’ve introduced me to a another book I now want to read. Lol. I’m done with the Christmas reads but maybe I can save it for December… 😉

    1. Yes…. Just like my gifts… They can be given year long… This book can be read any time you want a warm read… 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

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