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Many thanks to Heather and publisher Bloodhound Books for my spot on this Book Blast.

Happy Publication Day!!

One of the most mystifying books I have read this month. Having read other books by author Valerie Keogh, I knew it would be a fun ride, but this was the mast twisted of the lot. My favorite book so far.

Three women all linked by an incident which happened 20 years ago and still feeling the repercussions of it. Until life threw a curveball and truth came to light. That was the basic gist of the story. Then came the chapters which led to alternate reality.

I loved the way the author’s dark mind plotted this story. There was something so devilish in her writing that I was in complete awe of the brain which thought it up. The story coursed through with the secret foremost in my mind as the curiosity to know the truth kept burning my insides up. The author’s wickedness kept me stuck to my kindle.

Nary a thought could pull me away from the path I was on, knowing the vast truths hidden in the shadows were so well hidden that each led to devastation. But it was the ending which truly made me gasp and look at the author with new eyes. I stopped breathing as I read the ending not wanting to believe my eyes.

I solemnly swear, knowing what I know today, that author Valerie Keogh should come with her own personal warning. Beware. Danger ahead. Known to cause arrhythmia and insomnia.

The author was one wicked soul, and the ending was a complete blast well befitting the winding lanes of the book. This was simply BRILLIANT!!

I received a free ARC from Heather and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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How well do you know your friends?

When Beth, Megan and Joanne meet at university, they become inseparable friends who’d do anything for one another — even agreeing to keep what happens one shocking night a secret.

Now in their forties and outwardly successful, each of the three has dealt with what happened in their own way. But secrets and lies leave their mark.

When Megan decides to tell her fiancée the truth about that night, it threatens to ruin the lives of everyone around her.

But someone is prepared to do anything to stop that happening….

Publication Date: February 2020

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