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Whoa!! A thriller which transformed into absolute girl power!! Woohoo. My first book by the talented author Laura Wolfe, and you betcha I had fun times with the story. It was wonderful how 3 characters could twist and turn the book on its vertices and leave me so well entrenched in my own theories of what could have happened and where it was headed.

GLORIA the widow who preferred her solitude after her son moved away from her due to a disagreement. Beth, recently bereaved, who rented the field from Gloria for her tiny house. JOE a new lodger with suspicious movements.

The story revolved around them, and the author built up so much of suspense that I could barely let go of my kindle. I was a bundle of excitement. I had to know the secrets buried in their hearts. Furtive actions were the norm, and Gloria was quite a sleuth when she tried to get to the bottom of things.

A dead body, or two, made the plotline murkier along with shaded backgrounds of all the characters. Richly told to me in dual timelines Gloria in the present and Beth in her past, the author subtly weaved her magic by making me so immersed in their lives. Emotions raged through me at their tough times, empathy at others. I had to admit at times, I was more vengeant than the characters.

The book was a brilliant showcase for the author’s writing. I was glued to my kindle for a couple of hours. Time so well spent. A captivating read.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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I’d grown desperate for company since the discovery of the dead woman in town…

Gloria lives alone in an old farmhouse surrounded by empty land, miles from the nearest town in northern Michigan. Widowed and grieving her husband, mourning her broken relationship with her estranged son, lonely Gloria searches for answers in self-help books and has only faded photographs and stacks of unpaid bills for company. Her days all look the same.

Then the dead body of an unidentified young woman is found on the beach near Gloria’s house.

When freelance travel writer Beth arrives with her trailer to live on Gloria’s land, Gloria is relieved not to be alone. The police have no suspects in the murder and fearless Beth makes Gloria feel safe. Then Gloria discovers Beth is a widow too: the women become closer and begin to share their secrets.

But soon Gloria starts to wonder… what does she actually know about Beth? About what brought her to this isolated spot? About how her husband really died? Is it a coincidence that she’s arrived just as this small town has seen its first murder in decades?

Gloria thought that Beth had told her all her secrets. She was wrong.

Publication Date: August 2020

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    1. Aww thank you so much. I wrote it on the go… I barely could find time to finish. It was already late evening here. I am not a good time master nowadays

    1. I am trying to as I am crying too much. The height was while watching Jurassic World where I cried when the dinosaurs died. Omg. Twice. I saw the movie twice. How is it possible?

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