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When Faith approached me to become a part of her blog tour, I was both astonished and super excited. I never thought I was anywhere in her realm of existence. On a quick chat with her, I got to know her warm heart and her self-deprecating humor. Believe me, both together makes you want to hug her. She is that awesome…

My review

The first thing in this book that caught my eye was the main character, Carrie, was intelligent, loving, trusting, and somebody I could identify with. And yes, she was not the vapid, simpering, damsel in distress who didn’t know how to deal with realities of life… Thank God for that… Actually thank Faith for that.

The situation was real life, Carrie’s business and life partner, Kevin, after ten years of togetherness, suddenly broke up with her as he found himself in love with the hot Columbian perfect bodied waitress (mid life cliché). She was devastated till she decided to pick herself up and find a way out.

Carrie knew him long enough to read him like a book. What a pity she hadn’t kept her eyes on the pages….

As life always showed a way, Carrie too found a way with people thrown in her life, a handsome dish Luke, a neighbor/friend Jane, and a pup Fred. The story then followed both Carrie and Kevin’s lives.

My first book by Author Faith Hogan had me scampering for her earlier books. Man, I want them all!! Few things captured my heart in this book, I loved Carrie’s fortutide, the way she dealt with her hurt with both pragmatism and strength. Yes, she wasn’t the one to lie down in bed for days with a poor me attitude. She got up, dusted herself, and did what needed to be done, did not shirk her responsibilities.

She found that somehow she was filled with an uncertain feeling that she was too scared to name as hope, but it was strong and pleasant and she luxuriated in it anyway….

I loved the way Faith had shaped Carrie’s character. She was real, she was strong, and she was open. She was ME!! She didn’t force a situation but just went with the flow standing up quietly for her own wishes. She was everything a woman ought to be in the face of heartbreak. I loved that Carrie had no false airs about herself. She was just like you and me, without a perfect figure and a perfect life, yet finding a happy way out!! I could totally identify with her!!

Kevin, on the the other hand, was clearly going through his mid-life crisis with a hottie who wanted a ring on her finger, but put a ring through his nose and dragged him on a merry trip… Ah the realities of a bloated credit card. As a woman, I loved it when he saw the truth of life without the film of lust, and realized what he had lost and whom he really loved.

The story had friends banding together, neighbors becoming friends and more, a strong yummy hunk, a marriage in a castle, hooligans, fire in the shop, a break-in, scams, thievery, and lots more… All set in the beautiful Dublin, Ireland…

Then came my teeny tiny niggle; the story was a bit of a cliché (but the delivery wasn’t), it was a bit slow (maybe it was the right pace, but I wanted to know what Carrie did next faster)

Overall, I had fun reading it in one sitting in three hours…. Totally recommended especially in heartbreak. Carrie’s magic unbroke my heart… Or should I say, Faith’s magic?!!

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Aria, and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Faith was born in Ireland and currently lives there with her husband, four children and two fussy cats. She gained an Honors Degree in English Literature and Psychology from Dublin City University and a Postgraduate from University College, Galway. She was a winner in the 2014 Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair- an international competition for emerging writers. When she’s not writing, she’s an enthusiastic dog walker and reluctant jogger.

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Twitter: @gerhogan

Facebook: @faithhoganauthor

Book blurb

Carrie Nolan is devastated when she is dumped by Kevin Mulvey after more than a decade without even a backwards glance! On reflection, she has sacrificed her own long term happiness establishing their critically acclaimed Dublin restaurant and pandering to his excessive ego.

Meanwhile Kevin can’t believe his luck. Valentina, their new waitress is a stunner, the kind of girl that turns heads when she walks in a room and surprise, surprise she has chosen him! He is living the dream!

Carrie seeks solace from a circle of mismatched friends who need her as much as she needs them. Jane, who struggles to run the pub on the opposite side of the street, Luke, who has stopped drifting while his father settles in a nearby nursing home and Teddy, a dog who asks for nothing more than the chance to stay by Carrie’s side.

With Christmas just around the corner, all is not quite as it seems and a catastrophic sequence of events leads to the unthinkable…
How far do you need to fall before you learn the true value of family and friends? And is it ever too late to start again…

Product Details

Publication date : 2nd October, 2018

Publisher : Aria

Book Links

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2Pv3cCJ

iBooks: https://apple.co/2BBjSpp

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2o3aMrV

Google Play: http://bit.ly/2OHDsSO

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Website: www.ariafiction.com

Twitter: @aria_fiction

Facebook: @ariafiction

Instagram: @ariafiction

The Blog Tour can be followed here

60 Responses

  1. Wonderful review again Shalini. It amazes me how fast you are able to read books: I mean: three hours? Wow! The main character really does sounds like someone who we can all identify with at some point or another. Despite the slowness I’m glad you still enjoyed it a lot and a four star score, certainly reflects that😊

    1. Hey Michel… Yp I read this a month ago when I was a maniac. Thank you for the encouraging words.
      Somedays I am fast 😉😉😂😂

          1. Wouldn’t that be something? I will be sure to keep you first in my list, since I will need all the help and critique I can get… ☺ Luckily, I have a thickish skin, I think… I swear, this has been the most productive month of my life, outside the blog. I kinda miss blogging, since I haven’t gotten around to it much. ☺

  2. Great review, Shalini. This sounds like a beautiful story and I really like the sound of Carrie, thanks Faith for that 🙂 Adding this one to my TBR.

  3. Fantastic review, Shalini! 😊 I’ve had the same experience with this book. It felt so good to read! Warmed my heart. ♥️ It was my first book written by Faith, too, and it sure made me want more!

      1. Psh. Ya, right…. I was going to say “I’m the one who SAVES damsels in distress!” but, you know me too well, for that! I’d just say “sweety, stop your whining and save yourself!!” and leave them there to rot! 😘😂😂

          1. No. It’s more like that saying “if you give someone fish they eat for a day, if you TEACH them to fish, they eat for life.” if I save them… They’ll never learn to save themselves!!.. I’m doing them a favour.

          2. Omg omg wow you have gone into literal explanation…. This is the beauty of going back to school. You sound intelligent already yooohooo💃💃💝💝😂😂

  4. Wonderful review Shalini, I want to read this book. I like a real character too. Although, a midlife crisis is not something a strong woman should have to deal with.

  5. Hi Shalini! This book looks like a nice easy read that you can pick up on those days your not feeling too good 😊 Tank you so much for writing a review on this book, keep on blogging! ⭐️

  6. How did I miss your review of this one, Shalini?! Excellently summarized, and I like how you described Carrie’s character. I love your reviews. ☺️

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