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Digital Reads Blog Tours is back in 2019 with a cover reveal … Shhh… Don’t tell anyone… It is 2 cover reveals…

It is the bewitching hour, the hour has struck 12 and the clock clanked 13 times…

Isn’t this the perfect time to announce the cover reveal of 2 HORROR books?!

Join me and author Sian Claven for this horrifying reveal on 1st February 2019

My darling bloggers and friends, you know what to do.

Comment on this post if you want to be a part of this.. I need 13 bloggers

45 Responses

        1. Shalini
          Hahahaha it means someone who is quiet, mild mannered and calm… All which I am not.. Well, that’s who my parents wanted and they got ME
          Sorry, I wasn’t stalking you, I had just shared your post on twitter hence I came to know… 😂 😂 HONEST

  1. Hey doc,
    Let me know what all I need to do.. I was long gone as you know… If I will be capable of doing the required I will be glad to participate…

    1. Hey Utkarsh
      Kabhi toh Shalini bula
      It would be a copy paste post where I would send you the details of the book cover and you just have to post them on 1ST FEBRUARY 2019
      not before that, not after that. The post should go live anytime after 2pm our time.

          1. Arey yaar slip ho gya mind se.. Budhapa agya mera lagta hai… Nhi last semester hai abhi… Shaadi abhi se kaha hogi.. Pehle aapka number hai usme.. Haha

          2. Hahaha kya idea Mila mujhe naye saal main, shukriya shukriya… Kisi ko poochne toh dijiye… pata nahi hum is layek hain ki nahi.. Zehnaseeb 😍

          3. Hahaha 😂 😂 pehle kisi ko poochne toh dijiye… Wo lamha shayad hai hi nahi… Ab jaisi zindagi jaaye , Waise hum gaye

          4. Nhi nhi… Koi insan itna khush kismat nhi ho sakta jiski shaadi na ho… Haha…
            Kya pata puchne wala would be somewhere around the corner… Bas aapki nazro me na aya ho..

  2. I sincerely want to join in your project, but not sure about my ability and understanding of it. Clearly i am a poor reader of books as i take a long time to finish one.
    I know, you will decide

    1. Kurian, this is a cover reveal, nothing to read. Just copy paste the details I send
      The author is showcasing the covers of her book so that it reaches more people in the blogging world.

  3. I’m not joining in because I can’t do horror I’m afraid – comes from my mama being forced to watch The Exorcist when I was in utero and I cried during Kujo. Just wanted to say you are one brave reader to like this kind of genre.

    1. That’s fine.. This is just a cover reveal not a review tour… So I am fine…
      If I do get the books to review then I am keeping a couple of bloggers as my back up. They read first to tell me what to avoid.
      I have to start this genre, not read any

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