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My review

Author James J. Cudney has done it again with his second book Father Figure. His debut Watching Glass Shatter was a great family saga, and I wondered if he could re-create the magic with his words. But this time, he has surpassed his own debut.

The story follows the lives of two women Amalia in Mississippi in 1984 and Brianna in New York in 2004. Amalia is abused by her mother on a daily basis, yet she finds her happiness in her father’s love and her escape in Pennsylvania College campus. Life in college was charming with a boyfriend, till attraction strikes her down in the form of a suave, older man whom she cannot resist. But tragedy follows her, her father dies, and a soul-shattering event later forces her to leave everything behind and go back to her abusive mother. Till she realizes it’s all too late, there are always repercussions.

Brianna, a happy go lucky protected nineteen year, is going through her own angst, her need to discover herself, and her growing attraction for best friend Shanelle, but there is one question which shatters her peace of mind – who is her father?

In a need to find out the truth, Brianna goes on a path of discovery which leads to heart rendering shocks, the spasms of which are felt into the present, but whose roots are sunk way into the past.

The author James Cudney has written the story in the alternating voices of Amalia and Brianna. What struck me most was the way he has described both the women, their thoughts, their characterizations, their attitude, their dialogs. They were both so very different in all ways, living in different time zones too, but James has seen to it that he doesn’t falter anywhere down the line. His eye for detail is astonishing. Making the two women different and maintaining that difference throughout the chapters, and at the same time, showing the parallels of their lives was massively impressive. (I did want to catch him making a mistake, but unfortunately he doesn’t)

The plot of the story takes its own winding road down the pathways of life for the two women, each one going through her own ups and downs, happiness and shocks, some of them earth shattering.

What blew me away for the second time was the way James has described this horrific event, taking care to write with great sensitivity, without going into the gruesomeness, yet managing to maintain the aura of fear, pain, and helplessness that the scene required. His words caused the goosebumps to rise, but kept me gripped in the throes of emotions of that scene, till tears just flowed. His sheer mastery over the prose shone brilliantly in this piece of writing. I had to take a few deep breaths before I could continue reading.

The third thing which struck me gently down the book, was the dignity and courage that Brianna’s mother showed in the story, bringing her up as a single parent, working long hours, trying to fulfil her needs. Her character was softly weaved but yet managed to pave a way for herself.

The paths of the two women collide, and the story reaches an adrenaline infused ending, where the threads of the past all retract, showing the ultimate truth, which is life threatening for one.

This book is a story of courage and fortitude shown by 2 women forging a stronger tomorrow, written with a quiet strength and sensitivity by author James J Cudney. An amazing book from start to finish.

The only niggle I had was the book was pretty long, just like my review!!

My rating : 4.5 stars

Product Details

Publication date : 3rd April, 2018

Publisher : Creativia

Language : English

Available on Amazon; free on kindle Unlimited

A brilliant emotional read

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            How’s your life been, how’s work?

          2. Busy day. What about you? My relaxing days have been in short supply since we had the talk and I fell ill. Did you put a hex on me hehehe

  1. Ah, my wonderful friend… I cannot thank you enough for this amazing review. I am sorry I didn’t respond right away. I fell asleep last night without checking anything online before bed and am just catching up now in the morning. But… this was the best surprise to wake up to. Your review and words are stunning. I am grateful for such fantastic and genuine support. You’ve been part of this release since I crafted the idea nearly 9 months ago… and what you’ve included here just makes me feel incredible. Thank you.

    1. Hey Jay, no brickbats??? Hehehe.
      On a serious note, I am glad you liked it. I have read your book many times now. So this review was actually based on the first time I read your book. And these were the thoughts that struck me that first moment.
      The book may have been fine tuned later, but the core remained the same.
      And that is the core of you, the basic you: goodness and power of your words.

          1. I ain’t thinking about last night. I am thinking about what you having right now… Is it pure coffee or is Irish coffee??

          2. And you thought you are an art thingy?? Boy I like you as human, never thought you would look good as an art thingy on my dresser. Unless you are debriefed… Yet I would still not think of you as art thingy. Unless your mirror tells you, that you are?!!! Now solve this. We will know your alcohol levels hehehehe🤣🤣

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          4. Nahhh I wasn’t, I was pretty cool and comfortable with my loud declaration. My friend never returned back to that gallery, at least not with me. Heehehe

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          On a serious he is a great guy and a good human being

    1. Oooh Nina, thank you so much. I am glad you like it. I was worried. Though our lovely AUTHOR did like it, but he is a kind soul. I wasn’t really sure. Thank you so much 💜💛💜💛

          1. Hey babes.. Yp I am fine, took me a couple of months to be okay.. Please take care… Life is difficult, but some people make it little easier. Let me know, I am just a message away💜💛

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