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My review 
Finding Alison is a wonderful, poignant and emotional story about a woman who has lost her way of life after the death her husband. It took Alison three sorrowful years to want to fight for her dreams and for her child Hannah. After losing her husband to the sea, she loses her will to live and spends those years alternating between anger and sorrow, leaving Hannah to meander through her teenage life rebelling. in the meantime, her mother-in-law gets wounded in a burglary gone bad and has to be placed in a home.

It takes a wonderful stranger to bring her back to life, of wanting to live her dreams and being a good mother to her daughter.

Alison’s best friend, Kathleen, also has a secret which i guessed as the story moves on, which brings about the twist.

Alison has a great connection to the sea which rages on, on certain days while on others, it remains calm, just like the shades of life.

Losing Alison is a great book of strength and hope, where the spirit of a woman burns bright, bringing light to even the darkest shadows.

I would love to read more books Dierdre Eustace as she writes well. Her description of the moods of the sea is one of my favourite parts in this book, made me want to live right on the sea side..

Thank you for writing such a book… 

My Rating : 5 stars

About the Author 

Deirdre Eustace, is a native of Bonmahon, Co Waterford. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in a variety of publications including The Waterford Review, Under Brigid’s Cloak; Gathering Together; Ireland’s Own; Galloping On; Syllables and the American White Star Journal. Her work has been broadcast on both local and national radio. 

Deirdre’s first novel, If I Trust in You, described by the Irish Independent as ‘tense and gripping… a riveting debut’ was published in July, 2009. It remained in the top sellers list for several months and won a Publishing Ireland ‘Book of the Month’ Award. With over twenty years experience as a writer, editor and proofreader, Deirdre is a full member of the Association of Freelance Editors, Proofreaders and Indexers (AFEPI) Ireland. Finding Alison is her second novel.

Book Blurb 

Grief and guilt. Love and resentment. A community divided.

No one in Carniskey has ever truly understood what led Sean Delaney, a seasoned local fisherman, to risk his life in a high storm in the dead of night. Now, three years on from that tragic night, his wife Alison is still struggling with her unresolved grief and increasing financial worries.After three difficult years, Alison has grown distant from her daughter and estranged from her friends and fellow villagers, particularly her best friend Kathleen who harbours a deeply guarded secret of her own. Isolated by its stunning yet often cruel surroundings, this is a community used to looking after its own but the arrival of an outsider; artist and lifelong nomad, William offers Alison a new perspective on life and love that threatens to unearth the mysteries of the past.

A story of courage and enduring humanity, Finding Alison follows the community through their struggles in love, loss and betrayal, each coming to understand that only in truth can we find the peace and liberation essential for true happiness.

Product Details 

Publication date: 18 May 2017

Publisher: Black & White PublishingLanguage: English

Available on Amazon

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