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My review
7 friends + high school + pranks + one leaves suddenly without goodbye = 8 years of no connection. Till the energy of the group, Ashley comes back to the town of Christmas Falls and sees the businesses dying out and their community centre shut off. Then begins the plan of recapturing the old magic of Christmas Falls… 

The author, Ciara Knight, has written a feel good romance with the magic of Christmas spirit in a town called as Christmas Falls!! How can the story go wrong anywhere… 

The main character, Ashley is well etched, she is a fun spirited prankster who leaves home suddenly without saying any goodbyes, makes a name for herself in her business, and comes back on the letter of her old music teacher. Her Prince Charming, Brent, is ready with open arms to see where the relationship goes. The rest of the friends do join in but this book is basically Ashley’s story. 

The story has a fast pace, no deep thinking required, and works well as a short Christmas story. The supporting characters are great but not well developed. Everybody is good in this book, no villains, no complications. 

There are a few niggles, the reason why Ashley leaves home without telling anyone feels very flimsy. Her relationship with her parents which was non existent for years gets remedied in a couple of pages. I wanted more emotions, real emotions, not just the feel good factor.

On the whole the book works well as a short Christmas romance and leaves a warm feeling… 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher, Season Publishing and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My rating : 3 stars 

About the Author 

Ciara Knight is a USA Today and Amazon Bestselling author who writes ‘A Little Edge and A Lot of Heart’ that span the heat scales. Her popular sweet romance series, Sweetwater County (rated PG), is a small town romance full of family trials, friendly competition, and community love. Also, there is a brand new sister series, Riverbend. The prequel novella is now available on all online retailers, and the first four books have been released in 2016.

Book blurb 

Eight years after fleeing Christmas Falls because of a high school prank gone wrong, Ashley Brooks receives a mysterious letter from her mentor asking her to come home. She arrives to face all she left behind—her family, her friends, and the rich boy she’d loved who would never date the girl from the wrong side of town. Brent Donnelly, high school jock, brainiac, and dutiful son did everything right until the day Ashley returns to Christmas Falls. 

Faced with a potentially devastating decline of tourism in their hometown, Brent and Ashley must work together to save the magic of their town. 
Product Details 

Publication date : 23rd October 2017  

Publisher : Season Publishing

Language : English 

Available on Amazon 

   A Christmassy romance 

33 Responses

          1. Hahaha… You can pry all you want.
            When I had youth and health, we never had money.
            When I had money, there were some other problems
            Now there are lots of responsibilities.

          2. I am sorry to hear that. I really am.
            We never understand there might be reasons why something has not happened ever. And people like me should be more thankful for what we have!! (And not crib constantly!)
            And I sincerely hope that soon you get to got to Europe with your Raj 😀

          3. Hahaha I hope too. But Moushmi I don’t regret such small stuff. Life is about living, not vacations. Given a choice, I will always choose my parents. So there is no sorry or regret with my life. I don’t look back too much. I just live today

          4. Moushmi, my world is my parents so the location never matters. When I am with them, I am always at peace. So I never thought about vacation

          5. It’s not a thought, it is the truth.
            But Moushmi, my parents have been real friends. Total freedom to choose my life. So how can they not be my best friends. They stand by me when no one does.

          6. Agreed, my parents are my everything even when they do not agree with me on most matters.
            So I can understand how you must feel for your parents. They are truly your best friends!!

          7. True that… I am glad you understood. Life happens to some of us, and what we dream or think or want doesn’t… That is the way life flows, hai na

          8. Nahi alag nahi hoti, wo Waise hi chalti.
            Aaj jio, kal subah aankhen khuli, tab sochte hain kya karna hai.
            Aaj toh ji le

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