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I got the opportunity to grill…err interview our very own blogger turned author or is it author turned blogger Bernadette a.k.a Bernie. And she is as delightful as her book. Read her answers.. They are filled with a joie de vivre which made me smile right through..

1) Tell me something about yourself. Who is B R Maycock?
I can sum myself up with a few words really, irish mammy, wife, sister, daughter, friend, reader, blogger, writer, runner and eternal optimist!!!
2) What inspired you to write this?
Do you know I’ve wanted to write a winter novel/ novella for ever, I just always had something on the go from another time of the year. When Ireland got our first taste of a long winter this year, I decided it was more of a sign to get this done so I could move into something more summery! (The eternal plight of a writer, when do you set your story? Because by the time you’ve finished writing it, you’re in another season!
3) How has your literary journey been from writing to publishing?
Terrible! I had just finished another book and was trying to figure out whether to put that out, the thing was that was the first of a different series and while I had it as a goal to write Snowday, I was writing the other book in my head!
4) Any memorable incident while writing/publishing this book?
Going sledding for the first time and finally being totally inspired to write Snowday! (I wrote 11,000 words that night and stayed up until five in the morning, then was woken by the kids at six thirty!!)
5) Is your main character Eloise based on you?
Not really, my friends say my characters are always similar to me in being more glass half full but other than that, not really, she’s a bit more outgoing than me (I’d consider it a positive if I was!)!
6) On your blog, you’ve said, you love light romance and chick lit and thrillers. Would your next book be a thriller?
I would love to write a thriller but I really don’t think I have the ability to drop clues in the way I like them dropped, or to piece things together … I’ve read a lot of thrillers in the last two years and I’ve seen where it can go wrong. So no (but I’d love to!!!)
7)How is the view from your window? I wouldn’t mind a pic.
Oh, you’ve caught me on the hop! I’m afraid my computer and phone don’t do uploading pictures (hence I’m not on instagram), but I have the rear of a library out my front would you believe!! (It’s a crime I read on an e-reader but my kids get a lot of use out of it-forcibly, I might add!)
8) What do you do when you are not writing or reading or reviewing? Other interests? Fav song?
I used to be a horsey person but now I suppose it’s all about the kids. I adore watching comedy and live for music (I’ve told my kids if they get one thing from me it’s to be able to hear beats etc that are hidden in music and to be able to have a laugh!) and hope someday to write a book totally centred around it, something like High Fidelity, but it would be more pop based! Favourite song … ooh I need a year for that one … Sinead O Connor-Nothing Compares to you or Tori Amos-Cornflake Girl … or Abba-The Winner Takes it all … sorry I can’t pick just one!
8) When do you write, day or night? And do you like background music or deep silence while writing? Pic of your desk?
Again, no pics (I know!) I have only recently started writing in the mornings, mainly because at night time I get nothing done, so that’s my reading time. I get up at 4/ 3.30 three/ four times a week and write until the kids get up (I go to bed at 9 the night before!) I’d listen to perky music, maybe some Little Mix, Britney, Sia or Anne Marie to get me in the mood!
9) What is the fun secret that nobody knows about you?
I want to be funny, like comedian funny. When I read my writing back I need to know I’ve made myself laugh at least once. The biggest compliment to me is that I’ve made someone smile or laugh.
10) Any last words at the end of this blog?
Well first off just a thanks for a great interview and all I can say really is that I hope to be able to became a proper working earning author someday. At the moment it is only a hobby and that can be a bit deflating at times. I want people to look out my books and remember pieces that made them smile or laugh and to wait for the next one. I fully believe you’re not an author until you’re earning a wage and have a readership, so, well hopefully someday!
That’s all, folks till the next interview with a new author!

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    1. Bernie is awesome… ❤️ How’s the new place working out? Are you all set…
      I think I had this conversation with you… I have not been well so brain still slow

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