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It is not often that I can get a Life Coach on my blog to interview with me on her beliefs and how she went about achieving her greatness.

Her campaign can be supported by clicking on this link and buying her book.

Here is Coach Lorraine in all her greatness…

1) Tell me something about yourself, who is Lorraine Cuff?

Aka Coach Lorraine always looks for the good and positive in most situations and is willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt. I recognize that a person reaction is a times a response from a previous engagement and not always directed at the subject at hand. If we take the time to hear ourselves breath and not just react the outcome for many situation could be different.

2) What made you write this book?? Was there some trigger or inner calling, which caused you to write?

After completing several speeches during my Toastmasters meeting I recognized that there was a common theme of wanting to encourage people to be their best self and knowing that we don’t have to settle. Regardless of where you are today there is always tomorrow. And this is how I go about helping others to cultivate greatness from within themselves

3) Was there a specific point in your life when you discovered the secret to your greatness? When or how did the passion in your heart to achieve more get ignited?

In my current position as a Unit Education and Training Manager each trainee that I have been able to direct and guide in achieving the next level in their military career and the occasional personal achievement I where as a badge of honor and see my greatness in each of them.

4) Tell me something about the campaign, how did this campaign start?

I was looking for an affordable way to publish my book of which self-publishing seemed to be the best option for someone new on the scene. Yes it’s my first book but I wanted it to be great, full of colour and style. As I added in editing, colour pictures, formatting and more it was more than I could budget for. Then I came across an article about crowdfunding for authors wanting to publish their books and saw the possibility of being able to put out my best work.

5) Did you always know deep in your heart that you were born to do this? Did someone mentor you /inspire you?

I have always been drawn to help others in more than just a leadership role. From wanting to be a fireman to working in restaurants and health facilities my passion has been to be of service to others

6) Did you always imagine that you would give speeches to empower people? What triggered this? Was there a specific event or did the transition happen smoothly?

I think back to my youthful years when I wanted to be on the stage giving a performance and wowing the crowd. That is what giving a great motivating speech is:- being able to move the audience to action

7) Your home country is Jamaica. How close are you to the country of your forefathers?

My parents currently live in Jamaica and if they are not visiting the children and grand kids here we are visiting them and other relatives there in Kingston and in the countryside. Both of my parents are in their 80’s and living independently together. I have had the joy of knowing 3 of my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins supporting each other with a helping hand, a warm meal and the occasional financial support.

8) When you first travelled by ship to Jamaica, did touching its shores touch a part of your heart that you never knew you had?

As a young child my parents’ retun to Jamaica with kids in tow was an adventure for me. Warm weather, sunny skies, trips to the beach and eating fruits picked straight off of trees in our backyard and fish fried fresh on the beach, it felt good. Fortunately we had friends from England that had returned a few years early so I did not feel so isolated.

9) I do know that the country of the forefathers resonates a song, deep in the heart. Does it happen every time you come to Jamaica?

Whenever I travel to Jamaica the first thing that captivates my attention is the lush greenery of the vegetation as the sun reflects off the trees with the mountainous backdrop of the parish of St Andrew. It a sight to behold and allows to embrace some of the simple wonders.

10) I am an Indian. I have come across racist comments in the last year on social media. Did you ever have to go through something like that when you traveled to New York for higher studies? Do you face such a situation in your day to day life?

My earliest recollection of racism was as a child in Birmingham England, a group of white kids looked for an opportunities to harass me on the street while walking to school. I let them know on one occasion that Cassius Clay aka Mohammed Ali was my big brother and they never bothered me again. Being a child of the baby boomer era I have been more of an observer of racism and not necessarily racism directed at me.

11) I have read your book twice now, and you write beautifully. Do you think you will try your hand in fiction?

I have been thinking of doing a collaboration with my daughter Nicole. She is quite imaginative and has more talent than she’s realizes

12) What is your favorite book/author/genre?

There are many books that I appreciate. Over recent years I have spent time listening to motivational and spiritual books as related to the law attraction. As parent, reading Harry Potter and Charlie Bones series of books delighted my children and my all-time favourite author is Robert Ludlum; espionage, intrigue and the ability paint a scene with the right collection of words can be quite captivating.

13) What is the fun thing about you that no one else knows?

Eating foods that I have enjoyed are frog legs, escargot, mountain oysters and cows tongue. Don’t think I’ll ever do bugs

14) Any last words at the end of this interview?

My last thoughts are from a Les Brown quote, (motivational speaker, author, radio DJ, former television host, and former politician.) “The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered”

Don’t make the graveyards any richer, start to cultivate your greatness

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26 Responses

  1. I enjoyed reading your well-written piece about Lorraine, Shalini. As someone trying to inspire people to bike, walk, do yoga, eat a little better, it’s good to see all the successful coaches out there.

    1. That’s so cool. I don’t bike, I do very little yoga, but I do walk and eat a balanced meal. I am glad you are doing your bit to inspire. Simply brilliant

      1. I am new to jogging and spending lots of time reading, commenting and liking blogs of others. I fear it is finishing my time to write and also work on my I don’t know if following and then not having time to read is better than not following. I don’t know how people find the time.

          1. I want to follow everyone. What is your advice and experience? I do like your topics. Requires a lot of reading. Maybe you’re a speed reader? I want to review some bike books. As for biking, maybe find a community shop if your town has one or a used bike and start slowly. Where in the world are you, Shalini?

  2. hmmm, well sometimes you cannot bike but that was only one link to 7 different groups, if you are interested in biking you will find a way, even if it’s a trainer bike at home or at the gym.

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