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After reading The Dravidian, I was curious to know the man behind the book, the author, the creator who has used his knowledge of patent and trademark law to bring about this fast paced legal thriller. 

So with much trepidation, I contacted Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala and luckily for me, he could find time in his busy schedule to answer a few of my questions. He was prompt and very kind and pretty easy to talk to.. 

So here we go… Dr. Kalyan in his own words…. 

1) Tell me something about yourself and what made you write this book? 

I am an IP Attorney by profession, and I  wanted to tell an interesting story around a much debated IP subject, Traditional Knowledge.

2) How did you get the idea for this plot? Was there a lot of research needed or did the book come from your own repertoire of experiences? 

This book is based on the Kani tribe’s traditional knowledge case. I have been teaching this case  for several years, and not much research was required to write the novel.

3) How long did the entire process take from converting the thoughts to words to publishing? 

Two years. I had to scrap two versions before  finalizing the work.

4) I have to ask you this, is the main character Arjun based on you? Do you both share the same characteristics of fighting for the underdog? 

Arjun’s character is partly based on  my behavioural traits. Rest is imagination. I enjoy fighting for the underdogs though.

5) Your company, BananaIP is mentioned in the book, was that a deliberate tongue-in-cheek moment of writing? 

No. It was a conscious decision of in-book placement. 

6) When did you start writing? Did you always want to write? Did reading books play a part in your childhood? What is your favorite book/ author? 

My favourite book is James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. I used to read as a kid, but had to stop in between for several years due to access issues. Reading surely helps my writing.

7) Describe a routine day in the life of Dr Kalyan C. Kankanala. 

Wake Up, Exercise, Write, Office Work, Write and Sleep.

8) What do you do other than writing, your hobbies and your interests? Your favorite song? 

I love the mountains. Most of the time, I am dreaming about my next mountain trip.

I enjoy telugu music. You may not know my favourite song. It is Nenu Nenuga Lene from the movie, Manmadhudu

9) Where do you see yourself in the literary world 5 years hence? 

I hope to write five more novels.

10) Have you started your next book? What genre is it on? Do you see yourself writing different genres? 

Yes, I have started my next novel. It is tentatively called ‘Entrepreneur.’  It is a business/suspense thriller, a different genre.

11) How will you describe yourself in 5 words? 

Persistent, Compulsive, Humorous, workaholic, and always hungry.

12) How do you manage your legal work along with writing and your personal life? How do you maintain the work : life ratio? 

I always find time to write. Work-Life ratio has never been a problem as being an entrepreneur gives me a lot of flexibility.

13) What advice would you give a budding author? 

Write and Keep Writing.

14) What is the fun fact that no one or rather hardly anyone in this world knows about you? 

I comb my hair very diligently before I go to sleep. 

15) Any last words at the end of this interview? 

I am curious to hear what people think about The Dravidian. Every book is an experiment, and I  am eager to learn if this is a success or failure.

This was Dr. Kalyan quote unquote… 

I liked the last line of this interview; it is so true an author can only write his words, and the rest is up to the readers to make it a success. Dr. Kalyan has summed it up correctly 

Each book is an experiment… 

And I hope all his experiments are literary successes. 

Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala 

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