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An end of the tour, an almost goodbye to a brilliant author makes me both sentimental and nostalgic. (Juan is too cute for me to feel crying emotions, he triggers the others, look at his pic)
Juan has also been kind and patient enough to answer all my questions. Here I bring you snippets about his writing process. The first part of the interview can be read here.

Hey Juan, welcome back and we move on to your writing journey
1) What inspired you to write? Was that germ of an idea already in you since childhood?

Surprisingly yes. The earliest was when I saw a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and wanted to see the next, but it hadn’t even been made yet. So, I’d fantasize and write some epic battle scenes. It was never anything serious. My real inspiration came after reading the Percy Jackson series. I made a fanfiction because I loved the characters a lot. I showed it to my 7th grade English teacher and he said that I had talent and to keep writing. That’s what got me going.
2) it is said authors read a lot. Do you? And what is your current book?

Ruh roh. I might get crap for this, but I haven’t read much fiction since starting college. Yes, yes, I know! I’m horrible. I just recently got back into it like in March of this year! College sucks the fun out of reading honestly. Fortunately, I found my love for it again after reading Anna Undreaming by Thomas Welsh. Right now, I’m reading Iron Gold by Pierce Brown. The Red Rising Trilogy is freaking fantastic!
3) What is your writing process like?

Strictly and utterly chronological. I cannot fathom how writers jump from the end to the middle, etc. Haha. No, I have to feel like I have a solid foundation under my feet and keep going. I edit each page I write as close to perfection, and only then do I move forward.
4) Are you an absolute sci-fi geek? Star wars / star trek?

Star Wars!!! Ugh. I love it. Anakin Skywalker for life <3. Yep, Sci-Fi geek to the max. Never got into Star Trek though.
5) What is important to you plot or characters?

That’s tough. Characters though. You can have an amazing plot, but the book will suck if the characters aren’t loved. But…if the plot sucks and the characters are amazing, well, I’d still read it.
6) What is next after these series? Do you think you would write a different genre?

Yes! I was thinking historical fiction. I don’t want to say exactly what so my idea isn’t stolen muhahaha. Or I could always do a stand-alone or a new trilogy in the same Golden Skies-Malik universe.
7) What do you do other than writing?

I usually just binge watch TV shows, game on my Ps4, and go out with friends. Pretty typical stuff. However! I do like to spar with polypropylene melee weapons and I am obsessed with swords and medieval stuff.
8) At 20, you have worked your ass off to get to this point. What is your vision for your future?

My vision is to sell thousands of copies and for this trilogy to be successful. I will definitely be able to pour more resources for promotion and marketing once I get my law enforcement career started next year. At some point, I hope to make it big, but we’ll see haha.
9) Haters are going to be haters. How do you deal with such people?

I just rant about to my best friend, Johnquez, and then I feel better. Other than that, I just let it slide off.
10) Once you get busy in your career, would you find time to write?

Of course! If there’s time to watch TV and screw around, there’s time to write. It’s all about prioritizing.
11) Favourite music, some song which appeals to your soul?

I like certain heavier variations of EDM. My favorite song at the moment is Fiction by Apollo ft. Liam Schwisberg
12) Discrimination in the literary world. Have you come across it?

No and I hope I never do. I would consider any published author a master of English. My skin color doesn’t inhibit my ability.
13) Writer’s block — reality or myth? How do you deal with it?
– Reality. There’s two ways: 1). Come back after a break. 2). Push through and write. Even if it’s crap, it can be edited into a diamond.
14)What is the fun thing about you that no one else knows?

As soon as I can financially afford it and not be hurting, I want to buy full plate armor and do a photo session. I bet I would look extremely hot haha.
15) Any last words at the end of this interview?

Guys, help a brother out. Help me get those royalties so I can go out and get some wings.
Whaaaat… No tender loving words for me? Hey Juan wait up, you are supposed to say how much you love being here or how I am so awesome and gimme some love, man… Juan… J… U… A… N!!
And he has left the premises with a sliver of my heart in his hands. He was that awesome.
And this is it! End of my blog tour with this interview with a well sorted, well spoken and extremely intelligent author… (he would be joining the FBI soon)


35 Responses

  1. This is such an awesome interview!!😍 On his part and yours as well! Great questions, great answers, lovely and funny ending note 😉😁

  2. I must agree with you, Shalini. Juan is indeed a cutie and he sounds very talented.:-) Great interview. I’m curious to see what he writes next. Hope you are having a good weekend, Shalini. Are you finally getting some sleep?

  3. Was jumping on the tramp with the kid last night and thought of you. 🙂 Everyone’s well here. Enjoying the last of summer before it ends. Now go get some sleep, girl (and dream of dark, hunky heroes with hot bods! 🙂

    1. Oh yea… He is coming back into my life, my Tony…
      Leslie, believe me, everytime I think of you I imagine you giggling and laughing with your daughter. They say the purity of love between a mother and daughter and their laughter reaches the Gods’ ear first.. They too stop doing everything else to rejoice in this love… I am so happy when I think of you.
      And yes, going off to sleep soon

  4. Ahhh. That’s sweet. Just came in from picking raspberries. Now going to try to squeeze in a little editing before dinner….

    Oh yes, Tony is almost ready for you, my dear. The question is, are you ready for him? 🙂

  5. So cool that you are now able to also interview authors! And one that has written a book that I know you loved very much! 😊😊 Cool that he likes Star Wars (am a massive Star Wars fan 😊), and loved that ending to your interview lol 😂😂

  6. Wonderful interview Shalini. And I agree, he is quite handsome. I will have to see if I can find his trilogy. I am definitely intrigued.

      1. Okay, I thought they were all out. I might try and find the first, then save it until the second comes out. I have a hard time remembering when they are a year apart. Not sure if it is because I read so many or because I am getting older. 😁😆

    1. Oh yes!! I told him that the next book should have his enlarged picture at the back and the book would sell like hot cakes… I hope he likes my marketing strategy

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