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Spending the night awake, trembling in fear, and loving every minute of it, I decided to reach out to the author who has put me in this state and grill him with my questions.

So a big shout out to author Mark Dysan for his debut novel, Evil Trance

Here we go… 

1) Tell me something about yourself. Who is Mark Dysan?

In real life, Mark Dysan does not exist. He is an alter ego of me, who sprouted from my thoughts to write. I am a simple individual, who works as a technical subject matter expert with over 11 years of experience in the software industry. I love my work and family, but love to write too.

2) You have done a good job in bringing Indian Hindu mythology in a modern story. What made you choose this story and this genre?

I think Hindu mythology is a bag of behavioral science in itself because most of the stories conclude to morality and the reason behind it. I felt it would be interesting to see if a story is told in a format which is identifiable with the present world and to make one think about surrealism, mythical beings. My observing of human feelings to excitement, surprise, fear, and suspense made me chose this genre.

3) How long did it take for the story to germinate from thoughts and progress to words?

Thoughts started more than three and half years back and words gave me a hard time, eventually, more thoughts pushed words to give up after a year.

4) Your book has parts of modern medicine. Did you need to do a lot of research in psychology and psychiatry?

I’ve read case studies on Possessive Trance Disorder, Author Derek Forest’s “Hypnotism – A History”, Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams”, articles on differences between psychiatry and psychology, metaphysics. Then, one of the editors I was working with suggested doing research on the medicines used for hallucinatory effects. It took me a while to understand the medicines, dosage, side-effects.

5) Was it difficult to self-publish? What advice would you give the budding authors who want to go down the road of self-publishing

Self-Publishing isn’t difficult in today’s scenario. However, the ability of an individual, willingness, awareness of pitfalls and alternatives would always play a key role in self-publishing. Like any hopeful author, the path of traditional publishing was my choice at first. Rejections made me drive towards re-writing and re-editing. It also made me more confident to look for self-publishing options. Believe in your story, it will show you the path. 

6) When did you start writing? Was becoming an author a life long dream or did it happen perchance? Did someone motivate you?

The first time I wrote something with all my heart was in my school days for an essay on the caste system in India. Guess the raw truth I provided with references put me in the first place. I never knew I had it in me until that time. I’ve picked up books on impulse, sometimes after a deliberate thought to just read and forget the world around me and these books definitely motivated me. My teachers and friends have always encouraged me to write what I feel rather what I’d judge. It made me more open. I didn’t think of becoming an author until I completed writing this book and reading it for myself.

7) What does a ‘writing day’ look like? Do you have a process you follow when you sit down to write? Any particular spot or some ritual or superstition?

I like to record my observations that catch my interest. When I sit down to write, there should be complete silence, only emergency calls, enough time to continuously do research, open mind to check for any similarities in the characters and plot. Usually, this happens in my bedroom at nocturnal times. And during that time I don’t read any other author’s novels because I have this belief that I might get influenced. 

8) Did you ever have writer’s block? How do you make your thoughts flow?

Yes, I did experience it and didn’t really understand it until a friend of mine explained me to take it slow. I watch a lot of movies and read books during that time, to put myself in a relaxed manner. The point is to enjoy the break if it comes by itself, but then keep reminding self that “a half cooked recipe is not good for health”.

9) Did books form a part of your childhood? What is your favourite genre/ author/ book?

Yes, especially legendary tales, fables always caught my interest. Ramayana and Mahabharatha are still my favourite books I’ve ever read. There are quite a lot which influenced me during my early years, The Moonstone, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Gone with the wind to name a few novels and magazines such as Chandamama, Tinkle, Science Reporter were very informative.

10) What do you do other than writing? Any hobbies or interests

Love singing old songs, long distance trips with friends and family, have an interest in counseling at the workplace.

11) When is the next book happening? Have you already started work? Or is your brain a store house of new novels and ideas? What genre is your next book?

My next book would be a thriller too, but do wait to see if it has anything supernatural in it. I’ve not yet started to work on it, as it needs a lot of research.

12) What’s next in the life of Mark Dysan? Where do you see yourself in the literary world five years hence?

I am still learning to write better as there is a lot to explore. I believe in five years, I need to get a strong foothold in the minds of the global audience, that there is an author Mark Dysan who writes of a different quality and they can always rely on me for at least a onetime good read.

13) What is the fun fact that no one or hardly anyone knows about you?

I dance well, especially hip-hop style.

14) Any last words at the end of the interview?

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to open up about my thoughts. There are many wonderful writers, reviewers and readers around the world who have the beautiful hearts of imagination. The more we cherish them, the better this world will strive to be. Carpe Diem!!

That’s the author, Mark Dysan, honest and earnest…  quote unquote… 

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