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I roam this earth, in search

I find after long and difficult wait

I lose it in moments still

I stop breathing in that pain

My mind searches in all the lands

My heart just beats to pump blood

I stop looking out and stay within

I dream of dreams but never wish

I stay in my lands and wait forever

I smile,  I laugh,  I breathe

But only in moments unaware

I glance at me

I see my eyes sad and questioning


I have no answer, I know not the reason

I stopped looking out and accept the way

I can’t fight what I can’t change

The paths are written,  I follow them

Questions are a waste, reasons are flimsy

I now know what I must do

I walk on the unseen roads

I look at the mountains 

I look at the sand 

I see the desert that lie in front 

I long for the water, a mirage will do

I don’t care much,  if it is lie or truth

I lived in truth, I lived the lie

What difference does it make what either is

I still can hear my heart in pain

I still can feel the fires on soles

I look down 

I look up,  then I look within

I see the fires in my soul

Burning low, burning deep 

It is smothered with life sometimes

But it is always there when nothing appears

Burning bright, burning deep 

Always burning….. 

40 Responses

    1. My darling girl, you have always encouraged me even when you are far away from me… All the words I write have some or other link to you and your words to me

    1. Oh thank you, my Orange blossoms.. How are you darling… Are things settled with you in your life… I have been quiet in so many days waiting when orange starts blossoming

      1. Hehe! 💙 That’s so so sweet of you 🙂
        I’m good, and things are going good too. How have you been? Rockstar rocks at poetry too haan? Love your musings!

  1. Shalini, I am so very happy to see your post. A very high quality writing beyond my complete comprehension but the fact is that I have been looking for them
    Totally missed them and very happy to read again.

  2. hi shalini its been a long time since i used wordpress and now today for the first time i read your poem its was very honest and realistic just like every ones life…. i really enjoyed the way it was set it was spontaneous and lovely i loved it and the thing i liked the most was this whole poem was innocent just like a little kid expressing all his pain with complete honesty and with no fear of being judged ….. keep writing more i really loved this one…

    1. Thank you so much. I rarely write only when I am filled with deep emotions. Rest of the time I can’t write. Thank you for your kind words. I generally put my words under category musings, rest is all book reviews

    1. That sometimes I don’t have a choice, I have to walk on the paths of fate and I have to walk on them and follow it to the end, even if it is painful

          1. Well. If yu take it another point of view. I am really happy and envy you in a way. :’) You can express your thots from deep down very clearly and beautiful 🙂

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