Author Interview – Thomas Zman @ThomasZman1

Today I take great pride to interview Thomas Zman, author of Before It Began 1. Hey Tom, welcome to my blog. I hope you have a fun time with me. Tell me something about yourself? Who is Thomas Zieman? I am a retired baker who’s always had a fascination with science fiction. I worked for […]

Blog Tour – Still with Robbie Yates

I have Robbie with yet for one more conversation, this time to listen to his heart speak. 1. Do you plan to write a book for teenagers? A novel of 300 odd pages? The Day I Ate My Teacher has a bit more absurd humor that will appeal to pre-teens and early teens, and The […]

Author Interview – Drea Damara @DreaDamara

I had the opportunity to get Drea on my blog to ask her a few questions and get to know her and her visions for Blinney Lane Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Drea Damara 1) Tell me something about yourself I grew up in a rural community in Illinois, working on my family’s farm. I […]

Blog Tour – Still in conversation with Steve Moretti

I am still talking…err grilling Author Steve Moretti Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Steve Moretti 1. Your most difficult scene to write in the book? Hmm, good question! There are quite a few that got re-written based on comments from early readers. Most didn’t like Adeena’s present-day boyfriend Philippe in early drafts. I made quite […]