Interview with Author Juan Zapata @ZapataThe1

An end of the tour, an almost goodbye to a brilliant author makes me both sentimental and nostalgic. (Juan is too cute for me to feel crying emotions, he triggers the others, look at his pic) Juan has also been kind and patient enough to answer all my questions. Here I bring you snippets about […]

Interview with Author Juan Zapata @ZapataThe1

I am starting this blog tour with a preview of my interview with Author Juan Zapata, a brilliant writer of the most difficult genre, sci-fi. Hey Juan, welcome to my blog. It is brilliant to start the tour with your words. Let’s get started about your book Golden Skies and the hard work behind it. […]

Blog Tour – Interview with Author Neena H Brar

Hey guys, I am starting the blog tour with this well spoken interview with Neena H Brar, author of Died to Deceit Digital Reads Blog Tours presents Neena H Brar • Neena, welcome to my blog. Tell me something about yourself. Thanks for having me. I was born and brought up in a small town […]

Interview with Author T. A. Barua

It is the end of the blog tour of the book Arcacia and I am back with a serious Q&A session with the esteemed author T. A. Barua. It is difficult to write a children’s fantasy, and I wanted to know how she achieved it. Tell me something about yourself, who is T.A. Barua? First, […]

Interview with Author Hamid Baig @HamidBaigz

Rarely have I met an author, who is gentle in conversations but whose words are a force of strength. An author who made me cry… my heart filled with emotions, by the strength of his words. An author who made me feel more with each written word, as seen in my review. Hamid Baig is […]