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My review

One lie told to oneself and proven to the world again by lies, can be like a rolling stone which keeps on getting bigger and bigger till it destroys everyone in its path… 

That’s the basic story line… This is a story about a mother Hannah and her daughter Ellen and their life from birth till the present. There is mystery, there are secrets, there are relationships, missing babies, dead babies, and a town which allows the past to remain where it is. 

Grace Greene has written this story with a lot of sensitivity, taking care to bring home the caring and closeness between family members. With all the above sub plots in the story,  Grace has brought to the forefront the biggest emotion— LOVE. Love between a mother and daughter and love between grandparents and granddaughter. 

I can write about the pros and cons of the story and make a great review. But I cannot hide from a basic fact, universal truth about a mother‘s love, that she sacrifices everything for her child, to protect her child, even from the truth about herself. And sometimes fate delivers such twists and turns, that it brings the same loving mother to the crossroads of life, where she cannot help but choose the path which is pure love for her daughter even if the path is morally wrong, just to keep her child from getting hurt. 

There is so many layers in this story that one is pulled deeper into the life of the mother, Hannah, and I give full credit to the author Grace Greene for drawing this emotion out. It is very rare that an author can show a mother’s love via her words but Grace has done it so beautifully here. 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Lake Union Publishing and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My rating : 4 stars 

About the Author 

Grace Greene is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of women’s fiction and contemporary romance set in the bucolic reaches of her native Virginia (Kincaid’s Hope, Cub Creek, The Happiness In Between, The Memory of Butterflies) and the breezy beaches of Emerald Isle, North Carolina (Beach Rental, Beach Winds). Her debut novel, Beach Rental, and the sequel, Beach Winds, were both Top Picks by RT Book Reviews magazine.

Book blurb 

Hannah Cooper’s daughter is leaving for college soon. A single mother since the age of eighteen, Hannah isn’t eager to confront the pain of being alone, but she’s determined not to let her own hang-ups keep Ellen from the future she deserves. With the help of longtime friend Roger Westray, Hannah devotes her energies to building a new house on the site of the old family home, destroyed in a fire more than a decade ago. But Hannah’s entire adult life has revolved around one very big secret. And her new beginning comes with unanticipated risks that will cost her far more than she could have imagined—perhaps more than she can survive.

When a confrontation forces Hannah to expose her secret, the truth may destroy her beloved daughter. 

Product Details 

Publication date : 5th September 2017 

Publisher : Lake Union Publishing

Language : English 

Available on Amazon

  Mother’s love and secrets

32 Responses

    1. Aww.. Jay thank you… Can you believe it, I had written the review in August and I had forgotten where I had kept the review. Today I found but did not remember the title. So I had 3 reviews with no book title or author name, thanks to Amazon and Google found the titles. Hehehe. This scatter brain work happened in August when I was supposed to be in love/or like… Haha love sucks(at least for me) 😂😂

      1. Our brain can be so funny! I force myself into a routine. I must write the review within 2 days and I post it everyone at once so I don’t get confused. But that’s not easy. Sometimes I’m up way too late! I’m glad you got them finish. what happened to the other 2? I am still catching up so maybe they are there too.

        1. They are all there. I am done with reviews on the blog for the weekend.
          I have a review to write on amazon, the book is a cliffhanger, it stopped before it started. I don’t know how to write a review for that. So brain stuck

          1. Haha yes, the list just keeps getting longer. I follow way too many book bloggers than is good for me! BUT, I finish exams first week of December and I have no holiday plans. Soo… Books, Yaay Me!

          2. Girl, I gave my exams 20 years ago and I am through with them. Unless I start studying again, no more exams.. Hehe
            All well at my end.. Life has its own ups and downs, we manage

          3. YOU SURE ARE LUCKY!
            Ahahaha I was referring to your life in general, as I don’t know you enough to refer to anything in particular. I know (I think I know) that you’re an author 😀

          4. Hahaha… Girl I just write blogs.. I don’t even consider myself a writer, leave alone an author.
            The entire blogging world thinks I am an author /writer, now I have to think about it real hard— what am I???

          1. Well, I don’t think so… I think life is about learning, we all have areas where we are good at. So, to me being wise means I have reached a pinnacle, then there is no growth. But when we are learning, there is always a growth. Hope this makes sense

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