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Another tag, another friend, another midnight and I am down with my laptop doing this difficult exam?? You say an exam?? Oh yes it is… Imagine looking deep into oneself and laying bare your inner most thoughts, it’s definitely a self exam..

What do I say about Shyamal, he is one of the first blogger / friend who wrote a comment on my post.. That was really a friendly welcome. Thank you for that. He was amazed by the fact that I read so many books. I found that really cute…. And I solemnly promise I have no idea if he is really cute in real life… He writes on various topics sometimes they are really really different but that might be just me… Hehe Sorry Shyamal. I liked his The Social Media Addiction Post the most, as I see everyone on the phone even when they are with somebody. Check out his blogs, it’s as good as the Crack Indian says… 


  1. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and / or on your blog
  2. Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog
  3. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and ask them 11 new questions

Shyamal’s questions 

Here I go… 

Your most important day in life

the day my niece was born…

Most important thing in your life

at work it is my anaesthesia equipment

at home, it is my screwdriver..(you ask why .. no no that was not the question so answer pending)

One thing you want to do before you die

ball room dancing with my life partner

What made you start blogging 

I fell into blogging world , saw a couple of people on Facebook with their own blogs, got an offer to become admin/ reviewer of a blog then thought, why not write for myself rather than writing for anybody else

Your favorite dish

gajjar ka halwa (to my friends abroad , it’s grated carrots + milk + sugar topped with cashew nuts and almonds) this is the only dish that I can cook and I usually prepare it on my birthday ( you ask when is it so you can come…no no that is not the question so answer pending)

What is your biggest weakness

My temper I am very short tempered and I am working on it …. good luck to me …sighhh

Things you cannot stay without 

My kindle and my phone

Most beautiful memory of your life

My first glimpse of my niece

Do you take being extra emotional as a positive or a negative point

Neither, but if a person is emotional about everything then it becomes very tiresome to deal with such a person. so sometimes heart should not be made to work so much, a little thick skin is preferable…saying this emotions are also important for the general makeup of a person. 

Life according to you in 3 words

If it is life in general , then — life is tough

If its description of my life — life teaches surviving

Tell me a thing about you that no one knows

If I tell you that, I will have to kill you….. hehehe… ( Bond, my name is James Bond… This is the only dialogue I could think of)




  1. If you can change one thing about your past, what would you change
  2. What is your favorite song
  3. If you have a time machine to go either in the past or future, where would you go and why
  4. What is your favorite color
  5. Which quality in others impresses you the most
  6. What is your favorite holiday destination
  7. What scares you, keeps you awake at night
  8. How do you deal with the stresses of life 
  9. If you could have anything in this world, what would you ask for 
  10. How will you describe yourself in 3 words
  11. if you are given one wish what would you ask for in your life partner, brains or beauty?? (remember these are your only two choices and you cannot use your brains to earn money and do plastic surgery thats not an option)  so choose carefully and honestly because once you choose, the other is lost to you. 

    To friends who are nominated, do the tag only if you want to, no pressure. If you have done it already, you can do it again if you want to or not. Good luck have fun with this tag 

    I am adding a disclaimer to this post that all the answers are mine alone.. They are neither right nor wrong. I wouldn’t judge or criticise your answers/ choices, kindly respect mine too. 

    181 Responses

            1. Ok.. I haven’t spammed you sir.. I have informed you about the nomination also I got a message saying that I shld not spam you when u are having discussions on a public post

            2. What are you talking daneel… You don’t want to do the nomination pls don’t do it… Sending me impolite messages is not the way do it.. Have I talked about anything which is unnecessary??

            3. Ok I won’t nominate you.. I thot u are interested so I nominated… I have written u are free not to do the tag

            4. Where did I spam you?? I had to notify you as per the rules of blogging on ur post in ur comment… That u are nominated… That’s all I did… That is known as informing… Spamming is when I send stupid unwanted messages to you… In the morning you said thank u for nomination so I left a reminder on ur post’s comments section. That’s is a rule when u do these tags… How is it spamming sir

            5. You accepted the nomination today morning… All comments written on ur post sometimes go into the spam folder… So my comment on tea and coffee is not seen on ur post so I told you to check the spam folder. That does not mean I have spammed you.. There is nothing like Blogger friend… I followed your post till you got angry for no reason so I moved away

            6. That’s fine daneel… U check ur spam folder in the comments section and open that folder and check if any unwanted messages I have sent you… Unless you have proof pls don’t accuse me…
              On your coffee post I had commented that I like both coffee and tea and that comment I could not find so I told you to check the spam folder that’s it… I dont spam people nor do I trouble them… So please read my messages again carefully…

            7. On a public post, in front of everyone you have written such things to me… When in my entire life I haven’t done any such thing ever

            8. Daneel I think you have mistaken and you are talking like a kid… U told me to remove your nomination – I did
              U told me not spam u- I haven’t spammed you at all
              U sent me a message on ur post saying I shld talk only on coffee discussion – I told u my comment went into spam folder. That’s it
              What you understood from the conversation, I don’t know
              An award is a choice, u want to do, u do it’s not a force… As my post also says…

            9. That’s what I am saying where did I spam you… There is a separate folder known as spam. Sometimes even our good comments go into that folder.
              I told you to check that folder because I had written that I like both coffee and tea on ur coffee post
              That’s it… That’s is not known as spamming.
              Spamming is when somebody sends unwanted messages.
              I don’t do stuff like that
              So again I say, u are mistaken about spamming
              Messages going into spam folder happens sometimes on word press. So I told u to check that folder that’s it… I am not spamming you or anybody else

            10. And daneel… I had written a message about me liking tea and coffee as a comment on your coffee post so I told you to check ur spam folder.. Because my coffee comment is not seen on ur post… And you thought I am spamming u????

            11. It doesn’t matter if I am elder or younger, but to accuse me of things which I haven’t done, that too without proof is not done sir… U accepted my nomination in the morning so I just informed on ur post… And on a public post, u have said I have spammed you

            1. Will post a comment on ur blog when I nominate you… U will not know when I will come but you will know when I have arrived… Consider yourself forewarned

      1. Oh Cynthia babes, thank you so much… Do you want to do this I thought I will give you a week’s time then tag you again 😉😉

          1. Don’t worry will nominate you in all my tags… You are IT and you have been warned… Hehehe get ready with your answers…

            1. Hahaha… I am so ready for that..I am in….And thank you for considering me… Wanna see how it goes for me… thank you for heads up though….:)

      1. Utkarsh ji… Hahaha oh yes… U should see me in my operation theatre… I like perfection at work.. So if people don’t work, or do right by my patient, my temper saatve aasman par

            1. Ooooh yes u are damn scary… Take all ur posts, edit them well… Ask afzal to do it he has a great vocabulary and then send it to amazon to get it published as a book.. You will do well

            2. Oh for writing there is no old or young.. Just publish it as an ebook no identity revealed till you are 18 or above

            3. That’ll work I guess. But first I’ll continue with the blog till I get time from tuitions and studies. Those stuff are life ruining 😿😿😿

            4. No no they will give you a good foundation for life… Nothing should come easy.. Work hard then the rewards you get feel much better

            5. Yes…. And I hope to progress more with art. Lately I’ve started pensketching and stuff and the subjects at school really match my hobby

    1. Congratulations! Award or award, Rockstar is very famous!😏
      Okay! Again, I loved your answers. They were bomb. 💣
      I’m not a very big ‘gajar ka halwa’ fan, and I can cook two dishes 😏👎 *2 minutes shin Chan booty dance* pasta and mango cheese cake!
      But screwdriver?!?!? I really want to know WHY 😓

        1. Unfair 😕
          I have 2 tags lined up. One person simply nominated me, not doing that tag. Second one is cramm award, can’t ask questions in the tag 🙄
          I’ll send you pictures when I make mango cheese cake 😛😂

    2. Congratulations Shalini for the award and I am so lucky that I am nominated by you. Thank you so much!!!! I will give your answers soon as possible!!!☺☺

            1. U have check in the spam folder.. If you are on the app then where you make a new post, there is a comments category and click on that you will list of categories of comments, there is spam folder check if my comment has gone in that

        1. It’s OK Shalini and I don’t know why my blog isn’t opening I will try to fix that problem and thank you so much that you thought to nominate me😊

            1. Blehhh… I hate it’s privacy settings.. And Google themselves suggests my name to aira gaira nathu khera… I had horrible requests from guys I disabled all Google apps. Na rahega baans na bajegi baansuri

    3.’s good that you added a disclaimer in the end. But I would like have that carrot sweet made with milk ,sugar topped with cashews.😊😊Don’t tell me your birthday. Then don’t blame me for asking it😉

      1. Hahaha you can ask when u nominate me in a tag.. 😉😉
        Disclaimer was because I have been attacked twice on my posts and for stupid reasons

    4. Heyyy, Thanks a lot for nominating me. And congrats for your acheivement. ‘Life teaches surviving’ the biggest realization of life.
      Can I get your email id please? (If you are with it)

    5. Hold up lady – you never gave the scoop on the screwdriver! Do you have a major woodworking fetish or are you in dire need of better hinges on your doors? What’s the deal!?! Also I need to understand your milk and carrots situation. I think you meant to say milk and cookies perhaps? 😉 I’ll have to track down that dish here.

      1. Hahaha I like screwdriver..
        The other is an indian sweet dish made in wok add 1kg of grated carrots add 0.5 litre of milk allow them to boil once carrots cooked in milk add sugar keep on tasting.. Now cook in medium flame till no liquid remains. In another small wok add ghee if you get or oil(never made in oil) add cut cashew almonds pistachio till they brown. Drop the entire nuts into the cooked carrot and that’s how you get carrot halwa

        1. Wait – so still no cookies??? 😉 Also I agree to avoid the word “dudette” but I am really going to struggle if you ask me to strike “Fablini.” You are so feisty and you crack me up girl! Love love love it!!!

          1. Hahaha unless u bake the cookies for me… That would be the only chance of me getting one.. Jo on a serious note, u can call me anything you want… And I would still be happy.. U can make a list on it…
            I crack u up?? Girl you are the one who is absolutely a firecracker… I laugh whenever I read your posts and comments… U make my day girl

            1. Back at ya lady! You are so very funny, and, quite ironically, it makes me giggle that you think that you aren’t!

            2. I am funny??? Hahaha girl then there is some weird connection that makes us a funny pair… Hahaha kudos to us

    6. Congratulations shalini. You are so tricky when it comes to writing. You know how to play with words.
      Supercool post. Thank you so much dear. By the way I would definitely like to try the halwa sometime coz if you have gone through my posts you would know how big a foodie am I.. 😊😁😀😆

      1. Hahaha as I said halwa is made on my birthday as that’s the only thing I can cook. And it comes out well. For that shyamal you have to ask in one of the questions when is my birthday hahaha
        Thank you for the interesting questions.. It was fun answering

        1. You can always tweak some rules for friends right. I’ve heard great people saying ” Friends are Life”. Though i may not be your life but yes i may be a finger or ear or something. I really forgot to add that question but had i known that it might turn into a Halwa treat i would definitely added that question too.
          So better late than sorry… When is your Budday and am i getting the Halwa?? ☺😊😄😆😇😉

          1. Loooong time to go… Will do a post on halwa a day prior how I cook it… By the way, I have had some people asking me if you are cute.. Kya boloon hahaha what do I say?? I told them to check out ur post and ur dp hahaha…

    7. Great post! It was a pleasure learning more about you here Shalini!
      That’s definitely how I started blogging aw well, minus the part of getting offered to review. I noticed a lot of my bookish buddies writing reviews for books that were not even yet published, and I wanted to join in on all the fun and share my bookish thoughts with the world.
      I look forward to reading more from you in the future… Happy Reading!

      1. Thank you so much. I have so many tags to do. Sorry but will do it slowly and steadily at snail’s pace sorry at sloth’s pace.. Hahaha. Lovely answers. You are a very positive person. Cheers

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