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I present to you Author S. J. Sylvis with her book Three Summers

Book blurb

“Hi. My name is Sadie and I was the victim of an attempted robbery at gunpoint three weeks ago.” Those were the first words I spoke to my therapist last year and now I can say after my freshman year of college, I’ve finally broken free of my therapy sessions.

The wound on my face has healed and the scar is fading a little more every day. Now if I can just get the scars on my heart to heal that quickly, I’ll be golden.

But that’s looking pretty tricky since the boy who put those scars there is standing just feet away from me under the blistering North Carolina sun. Apparently, we’ll be spending the entire summer lifeguarding together at the country club pool.

A year ago, I was carefree—I was in love and I didn’t have a worry in the world, except for Rowen.

But now, I’m a little older and a lot smarter. I know how to guard my heart. I know how to keep Rowen out.

Except. . .he never really left. And I am quickly learning that my mind and heart are at a crossroads. Maybe I don’t know how to guard my heart after all.

And maybe I don’t quite know everything I thought I did. . .


One Year Ago

Stop it, Rowen,” I said through my fits of laughter. I hate being tickled, but it’s one of those love-to-hate kind of things. I fumble with putting my shirt back over my head because Rowen’s taking his fingers and jabbing them into my ribs.
“Seriously, stop! We’re gonna ge—,” More laughter. “We’re gonna get caught; now, stop!” I swat his arm playfully and he jumps back just in time to hit the broomstick; it crashes to the ground with a loud swish and bang, sending a tremor throughout the restaurant. I guess that’s what you get when you dip out of work and end up in the supply closet with your boyfriend/co-worker.
We both pause at the sound of the broomstick falling, waiting for someone to come investigate. I stare at his deep brown eyes and he stares back at mine, both of our ears perked. We wait a few more minutes and no one comes. I quickly throw on my red polo and Rowen tucks his shirt back into his pants, then he grabs my hand and pulls me out of the supply closet, quiet as can be. We both peek our heads around the corner, and no one has even noticed that we’re missing.

Rowen takes my arms and pulls me to his chest, and I giggle. He whispers, “I love you, and our supply closet adventures.” He kisses the top of my hair and adjusts my visor so it’s straight on my head.
“I love you more.” And I do. I love him with my entire heart. He has it, and he always will. I’m young. I know, trust me, my mom tells me every chance she gets. “Sweetie, you’re only seventeen. You’re too young to be in love.” I stay quiet every time the words leave her mouth. I don’t care what she says; Rowen is my true love. When you know, you know.
“Let’s go before we get caught.” I nod in his direction and I make my way to the back side of the counter. Rowen grabs his yellow bucket full of bleach water and starts mopping the tan tiled floor.
This chicken restaurant isn’t the most ideal job I’ve ever had, but it works for now. I think I’ll always be thankful for this job, despite smelling like fried chicken every night and having to wash the layer of grease off my face when I leave, because I get to spend most of my nights with Rowen.
My head whips in the direction of the glass doors as Samantha stumbles inside. She’s soaking wet and she brings in a ton of rainwater with her. It’s always storming this time of the year. In North Carolina, we normally have good weather for most of the year but when spring hits, it pours and drives me crazy, but I love still this little town more than anything.
“Thanks, Samantha. I just mopped over there,” Rowen rolls his eyes at Samantha’s soaking wet boots and she laughs.
“Sorrrrrrry!” she grins at him and makes her way over to me. “Got any free chicken for yours truly tonight?” Samantha comes in almost every night that Rowen and I work. She wants free chicken and since it’s so late when she comes, I always give her the leftovers.
“You know it. Wipe your feet and go sit down. I’ll bring it out.” she gives me a wicked smile and wipes her feet rather obnoxiously on the rug under the register, making sure that Rowen is watching her. She skips to the backside of the restaurant and I go sweet-talk our kitchen crew.
“Hey, James, Samantha is here. Can I give her some of your delicious crispy chicken thighs?” I smile sweetly at James and he shakes his head with a little smile playing on his lips.

About the Author

S.J. Sylvis is a lover of reading and writing and just recently graduated with her graduate degree focusing on English and Creative Writing (the only fun parts were the writing classes). Besides writing, S.J. Sylvis loves coffee (specifically caramel iced coffee, but really, any coffee will do), binge-watching Gilmore Girls, going to the beach and spending time with her family! She currently lives in Louisiana but is often moving as her husband is in the United States Marine Corps and they go where the military sends them! Her next book, Yours Truly, Cammie is coming out July 23rd. It is a contemporary romance.

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