Virtual Assistance

I am working as a Virtual Assistant for a couple of authors, helping them in marketing their books on social media. 


Slots are open for a few more clients if we vibe well together. 

My terms

This is based on our mutual understanding. All the data and instructions should be clearly given regarding mailing lists , newsletters, and promoting books on social media. 

Charges are US$20 +10% PayPal service fee per hour. I can devote only 5 to 6 hours per week. 

Other services

For all other book critique services, kindly check out Digital Reads Library here  

My testimonials

I can send you contact details of the author/s I am working with at any moment of time only with their permission. 


Payment would be via PayPal directly through my page 

Alternately, I can send you an invoice every 15 days.


Shalini at [email protected] with the subject title VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

If possible, c/c it to [email protected] since there have been server problems.


This works on mutual friendship and at the same time, it would be a professional relationship. 

So, all communication has to be clear with regards to what can be achieved in an hour. 

Charges would increase for all extra work given.