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The Beginning

About Me

My first love has always been BOOKS. I have always been passionate about reading, devouring a novel within a few hours. Subsequently, I started analyzing the prose and developed my interest in beta reading and editing. As a result, I launched this website, which is a culmination of my passion and years of knowledge.


I started editing and critiquing non-fiction for my friends around 8 years ago. And since the past 5 years, I have gone full-time into beta reading and editing. Do go through the various testimonials and acknowledgments from various authors.

Digital Reads Library

Book & Author Services - from beta reading to virtual assistance

Digital Reads Media is a one-stop portal for authors. In order to help them, I offer comprehensive services in all aspects of writing a book. Firstly, beta reading then editing and proofreading. Secondly, with book publicity services, I help in creating a buzz on social media. Thirdly, virtual assistance. Additionally, ghostwriting, making simple and complex graphics for your books, and posting reviews on my blog are also on the list. I read around 200+ books for beta reading and edit the same number of books. For a few select authors, I provide developmental editing too.

Digital Reads Graphic Designs

Social Media services - graphics for book tours and marketing

I offer various graphic design services for social media, as a picture can speak a thousand words. That would help to promote your book on social media and blog and could be customized according to your book promotion.

Digital Reads PA Services

Virtual Assistance services - from PA to marketing

I am also a PA to a couple of authors and would like to take on more clients, to help them in marketing and promoting their books and writing newsletters.

Digital Reads PR

Publicity services - from book tours to marketing

I offer various book publicity services on social media, promoting your book as a publicist for a set number of days or as an organizer of book tours.

Digital Reads Reviews

Book blog - from reviews to other bookish events

Now I don a lot of hats and hopefully would try new ventures in future. But I haven’t forgotten about my first love in the midst of my work. I am a voracious reader and am often found lost in my book or kindle. Now I am into audiobooks too. On my blog, I am review around 300+ books on my blog. Amazon and Kobo are my favorite sites to buy books from.

It is said the sky is the limit, and now I want to explore my skies and soar high