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Why waste your time in managing your social media accounts and getting book reviews along with organizing book tours and writing newsletters when you can hire me as your PA?

I am currently working as a PA to a couple of authors, managing their social media and getting reviews for their books. Now they have nearly 100 members in their street team.

Eager to help more authors

My terms

  • This is based on our mutual understanding on the work to be managed and number of hours required. 
  • Let me know the tasks in clear terms that needs to be done.
  • 3 hours per week per author is my target to get the tasks done. 
  • I love all my authors and want them to do well in their literary journey and work very hard to help them. 
  • Please be super-kind as I have just come across unkindness from a couple from the Writing Community.
  • TikTok is banned in my country, so I would not be able to work on it. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Threads are the current social media accounts I haunt. Instagram is my jam. 
  • Payment has to be done promptly, as I have other responsibilities.

My services

These are the services provided to authors who have hired me in the past. I am open to learning new tasks, if explained clearly. You can choose à la carte or club the tasks or add your own.

  • Social media post management, which includes Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter. Two posts per week. 
  • Hosting Giveaways on Instagram. 
  • Writing newsletter once or twice a month. 
  • Contacting bloggers and bookstagrammers for reviews for your books. 
  • ARC team set up, with sending ARCs and managing the team.
  • Managing your street crew. 
  • Organizing book tours at release.
  • Finding bloggers and bookstagrammers for your tour.
  • Managing ARC readers, keeping reviews on track, following them up. 
  • Making Graphics for your social media as per your style.
  • Building up your social media numbers and engagement, especially Instagram. This is long term and incurs higher charges. (Charges would be discussed on email would be US$200/month onwards.)
  • Finding apt readers for your books on Goodreads and other social media platforms and their blog or social media contact details on Excel sheet. (Charges would be discussed on email would be US$200/month onwards as this takes time.)
  • If the tasks take time to complete, then the charges would increase.

My charges

As PA, my charges are US$12/hour. 

Choose the number of hours in a month you want me to take on as per your budget.

VA Services for businesses

I am opening up my working hours as VA virtual assistant for small and big businesses for 3 hours in a week. 

Let me make the social and admin aspect of your business easier for you – email, social media graphics, invoices – so that you can concentrate on building up the profit for your business. 

As VA, my charges are US$15/hour.

Other services

For all other beta reading and editing services, kindly check them out here  



To validate my work, after her consent, Author Emmanuelle Snow can be contacted via her Instagram account here

To validate my work, after her consent, Author Bianca Blythe can be contacted via her Instagram account here

Contact Me

I would get back to you within 24-48 hours. Please check your spam folder if my mail is not found in your inbox.


  • This works on mutual friendship and at the same time, it would be a professional relationship. 
  • So, the communication has to be clear with regards to what can be achieved in an hour. 
  • There might be a learning curve, so a little patience might go a long way.
  • I will try to keep within your budget while getting all your work done. 
  • Charges would increase for all the extra, complicated work given. 
  • All charges would increase in 2024 without notice. Kindly book me upfront for long-term services.
  • PayPal service fee of 10% may be applicable / Wise fee would have to be added.

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