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Why waste your time in managing your social media accounts and getting book reviews along with organizing book tours and writing newsletters when you can hire me as your PA?

I am currently working as a PA to a couple of authors, managing their social media and getting reviews for their books. Now they have nearly 100 members in their street team.

Eager to help more authors

My terms

  • This is based on our mutual understanding on the work to be managed and number of hours required. 
  • Services offered are managing social media accounts with a graphic post every day, writing newsletter once a month, contacting bloggers or bookstagrammers for reviews for your book, organizing book tours at release, managing ARC readers. These are just a few general tasks that authors usually ask for. If you do have anything specific to be done, let me know via the form below.
  • I am currently charging my current authors US$15 +10% PayPal service fee/Wise fees per hour for increasing their social media presence. Extra interactions would cost slightly more. 
  • Send me a message via the form below, and we can discuss the monthly charges.  

Other services

For all other beta reading and editing services, kindly check them out here  


  • Payment would be via PayPal directly through my page www.paypal.me/ShaliniGopal 
  • I would send you an invoice at the end of every week.
  • Sending the charges via WISE would be beneficial for both of us since they have nominal services fees for long term services.


Shalini has an incredible talent for everything book-related. She works her magic not only on the pages, but also as a personal assistant. She’s precious to me in every aspect of my career. I’m always impressed with book graphics (they are really that good!) and the words she uses in captions inspired from what’s going on in my own life so it feels true to me as a person and as an author. She’s dedicated and her organization skills are impeccable. In everything she does, Shalini is professional and devoted and those are qualities I look for when hiring a personal assistant.

Contact Me

I would get back to you within 24-48 hours. Please check your spam folder if my mail is not found in your inbox.


  • This works on mutual friendship and at the same time, it would be a professional relationship. 
  • So, the communication has to be clear with regards to what can be achieved in an hour. 
  • I will try to keep within your budget while getting all your work done. 
  • Charges would increase for all the extra, complicated work given. 
  • All charges would increase next year. Kindly book me upfront for long-term services.
  • TikTok is banned in my country, so I would not be able to work on it. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Threads are the current social media accounts I haunt.

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