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Digital Reads Media is altogether a one-stop portal for authors. I offer comprehensive services in all aspects of writing and marketing a book. From beta reading and editing to book publicity services, along with being a PA and organizing multi-social media book tours. I do them all.

Beta Reading

There are a lot of books released every day. Amazon and Goodreads provide the most compelling evidence of that. That is why it is incredibly important your book needs to be at par with the other bestsellers, so that you give your readers the best story ever told as far as possible. 

The first step in that is you’re getting the book beta read. Subsequently follow this up by developmental editing, which will help you with the rewrites. Then comes the the most important step of copy editing and the final proofreading. 

And this is where I would step in. Firstly, with the beta reading when the book is completely written and self-edited. Also, you can choose me to edit and proofread your books.

You can always ask your friends and relatives to help you, but in truth, you will need an impartial reader and editor on your side. Someone who not only wants your book to succeed in this journey, but also stands by you in all your rewrites. 

I am that book friend in essence, who helps you polish your writing in strategic ways. Given that, after so many years, I undoubtedly have the experience to do so. 

I have been professionally beta reading books of all genres since the past 7 years for both new and established authors. And I can undoubtedly say that most of the authors have published their books. And, in due time, they have received the bestseller tag on them.

beta reading

In the past two years, I have been hired as a developmental editor for 8+ projects. And, as it has been noted, I have enjoyed working with all my authors. Furthermore, I have copy edited, then proofread all their books.

PA to Authors

Getting the initial reviews and marketing the books 24/7 are not only more difficult than writing, but also they are exhausting. And as an author, you would essentially be spending quite a bit of your time in doing that, together with promoting your book on the social media and sending your ARCs and chasing readers for reviews, instead of writing. You can, nevertheless, do all these things on your own.

But it will undeniably come at a personal cost. To begin with, there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything on balance. Added to that, there is the stress of getting it all done on time. 

You need me to help you with some of your work load and decrease the stress of doing all this and more. That is to say your hiring me as the PA will cut your marketing work in half and subsequently make your life easy. After all, it is equally important you enjoy your book publication day. 

I offer short or long term PA services to authors who need help to promote their books and manage their social media with book graphics.

Not to mention, graphics are very important in order to make an impact. Given that, one picture is equivalent to a hundred words. Also, it must be remembered you need to post different details about your book on your social media accounts every single day. 

I can certainly help you with that. What’s more, my graphics are realistic. As a matter of fact, readers have been shared these pictures from my author’s Instagram site. All this helps in book promotion. After all, sharing is caring. 

Book Tours

Book Tours are a great way to create a buzz about the book and get the initial push that is needed to bring your book to the limelight. This will in time lead to better sales. As your PA I would help you to organize one. 

Positive reviews during a tour will help to break the amazon algorithm, thereby motivating you for the purpose of future marketing. Also, all of this and more will make it easy for you to write the next book. 

Seeing that marketing of your books is difficult, especially if you are a new writer.

Therefore, I help authors create a buzz in the week of the release by organizing book tours. On the whole, I know this fact that, in time, tours help the books to get the initial boost. In a big way.

What are the next steps?

Step 1

Click on one of the services to learn more about it and fill the contact form on the page. 

Step 2

Once I receive your mail, I will contact you within 24 – 48 hours with all the details

Step 3

Post payment, you can send the book to me for it to be beta read. 

Step 4

You will receive your feedback within the time frame. Post that, you can ask me as many queries as you may have 

To summarize, don’t wait. Give that extra boost to your books and send me a mail. And I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

All things considered, you cannot go wrong when you hire me as your beta reader and editor. But, at the same time, it is equally you must remember at  that human errors are invariable. 

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