Digital Reads Proofreading

Since the past five years, I have been fortunate enough to work with some great authors who have loved my editing and proofreading and so have their readers. 

This would be the final check before the book is sent for publishing. 


I use Microsoft Word track changes for this.

This includes correction of spelling and punctuation directly on the manuscript 

Charges for the complete package of beta reading and line editing is US$0.004 per word. 

Rushed charges would increase by US$40 depending on the word count and expedited delivery. 

You can check out my beta reading here and editing services here

My testimonials

You can find my testimonials both in the Testimonials section and on Goodreads. Kindly do check the Acknowledgements by various authors in their books.


Payment would be via PayPal directly through my page 

Alternately, I can send you an invoice.


Shalini at [email protected] with the subject title PROOFREADING

If possible, c/c it to [email protected] since there have been server problems.


  • My work on your book will start only after the payment reaches me.
  • I take full payment in advance due to the misdemeanors of a couple of authors.
  • No refund 
  • Additional + 10% PayPal service fee has be included in the final total as their hidden charges have increased.