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beta reading

I have been professionally beta reading books of all genres since the past 7 years. I have the utmost respect for all authors, their hard work, and creation.


I would be extremely careful with your work. No part of the manuscript would be shared with anyone and after completing my work, I would delete it completely from my devices.

My aim

It takes a good amount of courage to put your book out there, and I understand how difficult it is to hear criticism about it. But believe me, as I always tell all my authors, it is always better to hear it from your beta reader than read negative reviews from readers.

I work very hard on all my projects, and my feedback documents are my honest opinions as a reader, along with various suggestions to make the book stronger. It is completely unto you to take it up or reject it. Your book is your vision, and that is the way it should stay.

My terms

  • Kindly send the manuscript in Microsoft WORD format.
  • A short synopsis or blurb is a must.
  • I would like to know beforehand about any sexual violence or child abuse.
  • Duration would ideally be 3 – 4 weeks to beta read a 50-80k manuscript thrice, and it would increase depending on the number of words. Kindly let me know if you want the beta reading to be expedited.
  • Updates would be mailed every 15 or 20 days depending on the length of the manuscript, when I start my third reading.



Send me a short synopsis along with genre and target audience in your mail.

My testimonials

You can find my testimonials both in the Testimonials section and on Goodreads

The most recent testimonial is attached below. 

Shalini provided outstanding feedback after reading my novel, significantly contributing to elevating it to a professional level. Her invaluable insights not only improved my work in progress but also enhanced my skills as a writer. I would recommend a thousand times over.

My Services

This includes

  • My overall feedback on the plot, pace, and writing
  • Checking the consistency of the characters, their emotions, and their appropriate reactions
  • Story flow and plot development
  • Any questions you may have
  • Chapter wise critique on Microsoft Word track changes

My Charges

  • Charges for beta reading of up to 150k words are US$0.0012 per word (+ PayPal service fee of 10%).
  • Beyond 150k words, charges would be US$0.0015 per word (+ PayPal service fee of 10%).
  • For manuscripts less than 5k words, I charge a flat rate of US$5 and less than 10k words, US$10
  • All charges would be rounded off to the next whole number.
  • Rushed charges are US$25 for manuscripts less than 90k words and US$30 for more than 90k words and US$40 for more than 150k words. Charges would increase depending on how soon you would want the manuscript back.
  • For editing services, kindly check the terms here

Alpha reading (first draft/WIP)

Charges for alpha reading with content suggestions would be US$0.0025 per word.

For re-reading books

With minimal changes

  • Charges are US$0.0006 per word along with chapter wise feedback with your questions directly answered on the manuscript.


Complete rewrite 

  • For a complete rewrite, charges are US$0.0012 per word (+ PayPal service fee of 10%), as it would be treated as a completely new book.
  • All charges would be rounded to the next whole number.


  • Payment would be via PayPal (with added service fee of 10%) directly through my page www.paypal.me/ShaliniGopal 
  • Alternately, I can send you an invoice.
  • Charges would be rounded off to the next whole number.
  • Payment could also be made via WISE if you have an account on it (which will include its service fee in the final charges).

Contact Me

I would get back to you within 24-48 hours. Please check your spam folder if my mail is not found in your inbox.


  • My work on your book will start only after the payment reaches me.
  • I take full payment in advance due to the misdemeanors of a couple of authors.
  • No refund
  • One discussion on mail is free of charge after you receive my feedbacks.
  • If the book is part of a series, do send me the previous book in epub format, so that it would be easier for me to understand the characters.
  • I will read your book thrice, depending on the amount of work needed and give my best to each manuscript. 
  • During beta reading, the feedback and suggestions would be all mine, based on my understanding of your story.
  • Additional 10% PayPal service fee has be included in the final total as their hidden charges have increased.

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