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Writing a book can sometimes be difficult. Here, my ghostwriting skills come into play. In the past five years, I have written a couple of books for authors in the thriller and fantasy genre.

I uphold the confidentiality clause strictly, so their names would not be revealed.

Ghostwriting and content writing

I offer ghostwriting / content writing services for authors and others to polish their manuscript.

If you have an outline, I can add the narrative to it. 

Charges are US$0.02 per word. 

I would like to do a sample writing/editing of 2 pages of your manuscript before taking on the project to see if our styles match. 

Time taken would depend on the work needed on the project. Such projects can’t be rushed. 

Other Services

Terms for beta reading can be found here and for editing, here

I offer final proofreading services too. Check it out here.

My testimonials

My testimonials are both in the Testimonials section and on Goodreads

Kindly do check the Acknowledgements by various authors in their books.


Payment would be via PayPal directly through my page 

Alternately, I can send you an invoice.


Shalini at [email protected] with the subject title GHOSTWRITING,

If possible, c/c it to [email protected] since there have been server problems.


  • I will start work on your book will start only after the payment reaches me.
  • Part payments per section would be preferable. 
  • No refund. 
  • Additional 10% PayPal service fee has be included in the final total as their hidden charges have increased.