It had to be you by Keris Stainton 

My review This book is pure chick-lit, an easy light fluffy read. I read this as a mind cleanser to reboot the brain.  The story is simple Bea has been seeing the same dream for years about meeting a man on the park bench and one day she does. DAN. So she believes fate has […]

Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice Cream by Sue Watson

My review We eat either to escape some emotional trauma or to fill an emotional need, and that’s why it is known as comfort food. And this comfort food is almost always something delicious, something ridiculously fattening, and something which fills the mouth with bursts of flavor and hips with a bigger arse. That is […]

The Woman who Knew Everything by Debbie Viggiano 

My review The universal question that any woman who is in a relationship has in mind – will he or won’t he? And when will he?  These three best friends/workmates Amber, Dee, and Chrissie have the same question in mind. When Christmas and New Year does not present them with a proposal or a ring, […]