Musings – Ode to my Friend James J. Cudney

What do I tell you about Jay that I haven’t already said oh so many times on my blog. I wear my heart on my sleeve for him. He was my first friend in this blogging world. The rest all disappeared, but he stayed behind, seeing something in me which others did not. He helped […]

Musings – Lost Innocence

I see you look at me with wondrous eyes, I wonder what you see I see joy in your eyes playing with me, I wonder what you see I see me in your eyes, I wonder what you see I see me through your eyes, I cry for the child I was… Pain is what […]

Musings – Writing Book Reviews

I have been criticized by bloggers, friends for putting up a negative review of a book or using strong words to dislike a book. I have been thinking for so many months as to what is wrong with that?!! When I can gush about a book and recommend it and give it the highest rating, […]

Dedication from the Soul

I went on a journey knowing not I met strangers knew nothing about My life joined with theirs slowly My heart melded with them gently…. One such soul stood apart Time stood still for her to start Trust took courage and patience Talks and mails soon made sense… Friendship blossomed in each book Love is […]

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