The Fifth to Die by J. D. Barker

My review I have been sitting on this review for the past 3 days. I didn’t want to review this book. If I put my words down in the blogosphere, it becomes true for me. There is proof. There is a deep rooted story behind this, my saga, if you will. I will try and […]

The Next Girl by Carla Kovach

My review Oh my! What a ride this book was! I expected a routine police procedural but I got so much more in this book. It was everything the blurb said and more! A newborn was left on the doorstep of the library on a cold, rainy December night and DNA testing showed the child […]

Hold My Hand by M. J. Ford

My review The story goes thus, a young Josie, at a circus, sees a clown leading away a young boy in a red t-shirt, she becomes the only witness to this kidnapping. Now 30years later, Josie/ Jo is a cop and the body/skeleton of a child is found by the builders. A couple of days […]

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