Book Review – Willow Bloom and the Dream Keepers by E. V. Farrell

My review Willow Bloom, a few days prior to her 13th birthday, discovers the secrets of her life. She is the Light Keeper, the Awakened, who is supposed to maintain light flow between Earth and the Dream Keepers‘ world, Thera. A pathway which keeps the dreams of humans alive so that they are a potential […]

Everything About You by Heather Child

My review AI is here to stay. The story goes thus, a digital assistant (that we love in our mobiles) is soon a reality and Freya finds hers to be in the voice of a long lost foster sister Ruby. The story starts with a routine of Freya’s life, which soon goes on to take […]

Dexter Boomstick by M. P. LOMBARDO #bookpublicity #bookreview

My review Can nightmares playing in one man’s head become a reality? Apparently so….. And this is running the theme of this book. I started reading this book thinking it to be a sci-fi thriller, but it soon overtook dark tones of a horror. I have to admit I was a wee bit scared… Just […]

Saint Vicky by Chester Betty

My review  I read a story and I went into its reality. I found myself surrounded by that reality. Then I met a scientist who made a machine which creates a new reality. Then I saw the people in that reality make a machine which makes another reality. So in which reality am I, the […]