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Thank you Lisa Regan & Bookouture for diverting my tense mind.

This was simply fabulous!! Exactly what I needed when life got tough for me.

2 bodies in the woods, Josie and Noah were called to investigate. A third missing camper made it a wider search. A missing woman was suddenly found on the road just to have Josie deliver the child at the back of her hatchback. Josie had a potpourri of an investigation but it smelled real bad. Something was afoul there.

My first book by author Lisa Reagen, though 7th book in the series. The first word that came to me while reading was – the writing was so friendly. Reading a new author and that too a mid-series book, I should have felt alienated. But this author went over and beyond in the story. The past and the present were so well assimilated that understanding the characters was seamless.

I couldn’t help but keep looking at Josie. A lead Detective in the police procedural with her own demons, in a relationship with her lieutenant, I was in awe of her. I couldn’t stop reading the book to get to the end. There was something hypnotic and loving about the whole vibe of it as if the book was inviting me to read in its pages and forget my tensions. Make no mistake, it was a murder / missing persons investigation and quite hard hitting at the core of it.

The last section was so spellbounding and throat-ripping that I had to walk while reading to get rid of the excess adrenaline. My thriller-y heart was so happy reading this book. I simply loved. My afternoon read today, a perfect escape from life.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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As the sun rises, the last glow of the campfire is just visible through the mist and the trees. The young couple are laid out on their backs beside the small blue tent, their hands clasped between them, their eyes open, their hearts cold…

When a park ranger stumbles across the bodies of newlyweds Valerie and Tyler Yates by a creek in the small town of Denton, Detective Josie Quinn is first on the scene. Still reeling from the news that her abusive mother is dying, Josie suspects this is more than just accidental poisoning, and she’s right: someone jammed a crudely carved pendant necklace down Valerie’s throat before she died.

Combing the area, Josie’s team discover a third sleeping bag indicating there could have been an extra guest around the fire that night. A lucky escape? A missing victim? Or a suspect on the run? Finding this person is the key to the entire investigation…

The trail leads Josie to the gates of a farmhouse hidden deep within the forest – a special place where people go to escape, and to hide. There is a young girl there with frightened eyes and bandaged wrists who knows more than she is saying, but the next day she’s found dead, choked with a matching necklace…

With her mother’s life hanging by a thread, Josie has an impossible decision to make as she races to find the meaning of the pendant and catch this twisted killer before another innocent life is taken – but is she already too late?

Publication Date: December 2019

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    1. I read the other two over weekend. I read this today as I felt the other two were not good and I wanted a fab read.
      I am tense today so reading my 4th book of the day

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