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To everyone,

When you ask me to follow your blog without reading a word of my post, you are insulting me and my hard work.

I am generally very polite and well mannered. I always follow people who follow me or like my posts or like even one of my comment on any post.

I read the posts shown on my reader on the go, sometimes, I may miss some. I am trying to catch up with all the posts. I am learning to manage my time.

So kindly do not ask me to follow without reading my post. Just don’t ask me follow, like, give feedback, etc.

All bloggers are generally good. We all follow each other.

Have patience, if you are starting a new blog, you will get followers. Do not be blatant about it and put up links in the comments section.

115 Responses

    1. I generally follow everyone on all social media whether they follow me back on not. But putting it up on the comments section felt too insulting as it was an ode to my mother

      1. It hasn’t happened very often, but I admit, it’s very annoying. You’re nicer than me. I click spam when I get one.

        1. Hahaha… I generally explain to the bloggers and then delete their comment. This is a pet peeve of mine. It is too desperate and disrespectful

          1. I have no problems with liking my posts without reading. Books are not everybody’s choices. But ‘follow me’ words in comments are a no no for me. So I had to speak up, as I have had too many of them lately. Next time they tell me. I am going to send them the link of this post…. Hahahaha

          2. True that…. ❤️💜❤️💜 I didn’t want to make anyone wrong, but I didn’t want to get angry anymore so I decided to write a post POLITELY hahaha…

  1. I totally understand you Shalini. I had a similar case on my blog when few bloggers tried to promote themselves under my posts and made comments out of topics. I have a spam filter and I forbid promotions unless I did not make a topic about it. Blogging is hard work. A lot of time and nerves are invested, I love to write and I leave part of me in every post. The way how I work: I leave comments under posts which captured my attention. And I never asked anyone to follow me.

    1. Exactly, and this is the only place where we follow each other. Mostly.
      I have followed everyone, caught up with one of their posts, commented on it.
      All comments are moderated, I generally delete, but today I felt I should speak up as every post has a – follow me – on it. It has become annoying. I don’t care if all the people don’t read my hard work, but at least don’t comment follow my blog on it.

    1. Verrrrry… Notice the emphasis on R… I get it everyday. I don’t mind if they read my post… I had a excerpt reveal, they wrote, “well thought of and well reviewed” in the comments section along with a follow me, but I didn’t review anything 🤣🤣

  2. I can’t stand when people follow me but never read any of my posts. Or, if they come on, like 10 posts in 2 seconds (so, you clearly didn’t look at a word of any of them). What is the point of me taking the time to write these things? I’m looking for people who actually APPRECIATE what I have to say. I don’t care about the stats. I would rather have less people of quality reading my posts than more people just giving me numbers. 😦. Otherwise I’ll just start posting blank pages.
    Actually, there was once a blogger that I followed who allowed a post to go out with nothing in it but the title (it was scheduled a d she forgot to get to it) it was up for a couple of hours and she had about 7 likes on it SEVEN!! I was the first person to comment and call to her attention that the post was EMPTY! Clearly, these people hadn’t even clicked on it to see what it was about… Sad.

    1. Nicole, I don’t mind the likes, I know it is not possible for everyone to read everything. And I am on the go always so the reader misses most posts.
      But just commenting follow my blog felt off, I generally mark it as spam but today it happened on ode to my mother post, so I had to speak up.
      I have no problems with people liking without reading. Those who want to read will read… So I am cool but no commenting FOLLOW ME. There are some who say give my expert opinion on their blog. Why should I? I have no opinion. No feedback. Their blog should be to their liking not to mine… Blehhh 😫

        1. True, babes. I was just having fun with you on the other post when I got this Follow Me comment. Yikes! Sure got a reaction from me

  3. I try to read as many posts as I can. Obviously, it’s done on the fly, many times. Rest assured, I do not post a link to my blogsite, in anyone’s comments section- that’s just rude.

    1. Exactly. I have never done it too. I don’t understand this attitude of asking a follow back. It has become a power play of sorts. “I will follow you, if you follow me back otherwise I would unfollow” — the unwritten rule to this game. Geez, get a life!! I bin such comments, but today it tested my limits. Ode to my mother is off limits to the spammers.

  4. I agree. Spamming is not going to help. One needs to understand this and focus on writing well and networking with other bloggers in a genuine way.

    1. I know… Most have followers, but yet they keep asking my opinion on their blog. How does it make a difference if I like their blog or not? I usually write a comment to them and then bin their comments. But today it just was a bit too much. So I requested POLITELY!!

  5. I definitely get this and you can tell when it comes from people who clearly didn’t even read your post but are just looking for clicks for themselves. Nicely worded Shalini.

    1. Exactly… I have been telling all of them not to do that. But I see them doing that on everyone’s posts, till it comes I scratch your back, you scratch mine. It feels icky literally and figuratively…
      Yikes!! I forgot whom I am speaking. Delete the scratching. It was just an opportunistic proverb

      1. Haha I know what you mean. I usually ignore those posts or just delete them if they are too frequent. You’re very polite so they should understand where you’re coming from.

          1. I got tired of telling people off till I decided to write this post. Now I am going to send the link to them everytime they say follow me. Only fear is wp may mark me as a spammer not knowing who the original spammer is

  6. I haven’t had it happen often to me, but yes, it is annoying. I follow blogs I like, and I expect the same of other bloggers. I don’t expect other bloggers to follow my blog just because I followed theirs, I would rather they follow because there is something they like about my blog.

  7. Sometimes it’s all I can do to make it through my reader each day to catch up on everyone’s blog posts. I definitely agree that getting comments (even some emails) asking me to follow their blog rubs me the wrong way too.

  8. Well said my dear. I fully agree! Asking for a follow in the comments, not even bothering to comment on the post, posting unrelated links just to get me or my followers to head over, saying ‘i followed you so you can follow me too’… ugh!!!!!

    1. Hahaha true. I ask them not to send such comments, it is rude and simply rude to blogiquette (blog etiquette) but today they wrote on ode to my mother, hence I wrote the post POLITELY

  9. I don’t know why but I saw this and suddenly started singing Uncle Kracker….

    I’m singin’
    Follow me
    Everything is all right
    I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night
    And if you want to leave I can guarantee
    You won’t find nobody else like me

    Sorry, I know you had a valid point but it’s your fault it’s stuck in my head now….. 😛

      1. Haha no, it’s probably more as long as I’m singing everyone else will run off and that will solve your problem of being bugged. 🙂

          1. Oh maybe I should hire myself out to those that have tried everything else to politely run someone off…. LOL

  10. Well said Shalini! It had to be said/ written some times. Followers will come, followers will go. This is like in real life. But we all are happing about your presence here. Michael

    1. Ah, Michael, sometimes you come like the first rain on the hot desert, washing away the old, bringing in the promise of new with your words. Thank you so much

      1. You are so kind, Shalini. 😉 Thank you very much for the poetic description of me. Let me answer: I adore the sun, and she always guides me to you (r blog). Have a nice weekend. Michael

  11. Sigh, when will people understand? Sorry to hear that you were pestered this way. I feel this WordPress community consists of really good people and the kind of support they extend is phenomenal. I guess as a blogger one has to understand that it takes time to build a following and audience. I hope things won’t be the same again and bloggers will continue to create, collaborate, read, share, and appreciate the hard work we all put in.

        1. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your words. This is the first time, I have had your comment on my post. Thank you for that

          1. 🙂 Most welcome. Always support my fellow bloggers, but I should have commented earlier. It takes lot of effort to post such detailed reviews of books. Kudos to you!

          2. Nahhh that’s OK. I can’t write as fine a poetry as you do. I don’t have the superlative term to describe your words. I am in awe of them most times. I would be too scared to leave a comment as beautiful words seem inadequate.

          3. As a poet, I believe, poetry and poetic language is layered with many feelings. It’s difficult for me too to bind them together. Well, creativity is multifaceted and can have may perspectives, and if you do feel commenting on them it could give me something to ponder upon too. Writing is dedicated to the readers, for them to explore some feelings that are often forgotten.
            You have the literary skill to interpret a book in detail. It requires in-depth understanding of the writer’s point-of-view as well as you own views from the storytelling, which is quite fascinating. You bring clarity to the books and inspire people to read them.

          4. Then I will make it a point to comment on your words. But I am an average brained human, I am still discovering parts of me. I spent many decades in an analytical adrenaline filled career, now I am into a journey which hopefully taps into the creative part of my brain.
            Your poetry is on an extremely higher level, my comments might not be on the same level, but they would come from my heart.

          5. Thanks a ton. Well, we are all seeking. We excel in our own way and as we journey we realize our hidden potential and amazed by them. This amazement keeps the child in us alive.
            Through my poetry I have been seeking, sometimes spiritual, philosophical, psychological, and more of the soul and being, so at times poetry becomes abstract and perplexing too. There are so many aspects put into one. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if sometimes people feel annoyed too. 🙂 But that’s part of the journey and it is my wish to introduce to the readers some philosophy through my poetry.

          6. I hope so… I have commented on your recent poem. Can you please check the spam folder, if I am put there accidentally by WP?

    1. I had commented but all my comments on other’s posts go to spam folder, so till you comment, I can’t tell you to check spam folder. So previously too I had commented. WP thinks I am a spammer. Sighhh

          1. Oh .. does that mean that none of my posts could spur your reviewer’s neuron into action. Humm , Now that’s something to ponder

          2. As I said I have commented on your posts previously. But I can’t see them on the posts. So I assumed they are lost forever.

          3. I have no idea what you are saying. I am just saying check your spam folder occasionally as some comments go there

  12. I’ve been lucky so far, but can understand your angst! Sounds frustrating as bloggers we are all working hard to write good content and one someone neglects that content for self serving purposes it reflects poorly on the community

    1. The newcomers are not bothered. I get a message everyday. One even got angry saying that she is promoting her page on a public forum (my blog is her public forum apparently) and I should be mature enough to understand that and shut up… The rudeness of these people is amazing… They think they own the world

      1. Wow, I am so sorry you are dealing with that level of rudeness! I like to think that the blogging community is better than that, but some never seem to learn the etiquette.

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