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My review 

Today my brain stops and my heart speaks ….

Mama… I hear you in the wind and in the rain… I hear you in the sun and the stars… I hear you in the sky and the sea… I hear you in my heart with me… 

The most heart wrenching emotion, pure love.. Love between a mother and a child.. timeless, precious, love as old as the earth itself and perhaps older. Love which resides in every cell of the mother, both the birth and the adopted.. Being a mother is not only by the birth, but that’s a small part, but its in the heart, pure and loving.

The story is simple but complex, said in different points of view, moving between past and present, adding to its depth but the prose is sheer poetry. Every character is flawed but brimming with unconditional love just different ways to express it. The topic is very relevant in today’s world.. Adoption… Every child deserves love and protection and none should grow up before their time. 

Jonah is brought to London by his Mister Sir and abandoned at the airport. Trudi is brought in as his social worker, who along with DI Peter Taylor, works hard to understand his story and to find a suitable home for Jonah. Enter Rosie and Sam, who can’t have children yet open their hearts to adoption. Jonah falls sick.. And then comes a race against time to save him, find his mama and discover the reason why a seven year old travels all the way from Lamu, Kenya to London, UK. 

Will Jonah open up and accept Sam and Rosie, what is he hiding, who is Mister Sir whom Jonah trusts so much, where is his mama, will he get to meet her, why did she give him up, where is his papa.. What is wrong with his health, will he be ok, will there be peace and happiness in all these searching hearts.. 

I had so many questions when I started this book. I was prepared to be just coursing along casually till bit by bit, I got immersed in Jonah, Rosie and Sam. I lived their emotions, I saw their story and I cried for them. Each one is so strong,  be it mama Grace, real father Odikinyi, Sam, Rosie,  grandma Flick, best friend Alice, social worker Trudi and DI Peter Taylor, even the pet cat Hop. Each had had their share of hardships in life but there is a beautiful common thread which joins them : strength, and a heart which keeps on loving. 

So many times in our work we are told to be professional but I realize this book teaches that it’s always better to be humane than to be human. And we judge people so wrongly, we do not always know their circumstances to understand their actions as it happened for me regarding Jonah’s mama. I judged and I was so wrong. Sometimes courage comes in the action of sacrifice. 

There are few circumstances in the beginning of the book which are a bit fantastical, but they do not detract from the emotions and the story which just continues to capture our hearts. 

Few lines from the book

A child can have two mothers, and one doesn’t cancel the other out. Because a child can never have too much love… 

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Sphere and this is my honest and unbiased opinion. 

My rating : 4.5 stars

About the Author 

Virginia Macgregor was brought up in Germany, France and England by a mother who never stopped telling stories. From the moment she was old enough to hold a pen, Virginia set about writing her own, often late into the night. She was named after two great women, Virginia Wade and Virginia Woolf, in the hope she would be a writer and a tennis star. She has written three novels for adults: What Milo Saw, The Return of Norah Wells and Before I Was Yours. Her fourth novel, Forgetting You, is coming out in spring 2018.
Book Blurb 

Sam and Rosie Keep have always wanted children of their own but life hasn’t worked out that way. The only option available to them now is adoption. 

Seven-year-old Jonah is far away from home and his mama promised he’d be looked after in England. But the man who’s meant to be taking care of him has disappeared and now Jonah’s all alone.

When Sam and Rosie meet Jonah, they’re certain they’ve found their son, and open their home and their hearts to him. Finally, their family is complete.And then the unthinkable happens and life changes for all three members of the Keep family. Suddenly Sam and Rosie must answer an impossible question: how far are they willing to go for a child who isn’t really theirs?

Product Details 

Publication date : 26th January 2017

Publisher : Sphere

Language : English 

Available on Amazon 

      A tale of two mothers

39 Responses

  1. Wow like review was awesome no doubt but the way you described the love in first para you created an emotional atmosphere that was really hard to get out. Amazing job with this one.

    1. Thank you so much.. You read my review I am so happy and thankful to u.. It uplifts me that you understood what I felt when I read the book thank u so much

  2. Awww, that just sounds like a book that makes me cry… I love heart-wrenching books. I think I’ll need to check that out!

    1. Hi afzal.. I am so glad u liked it.. Yes book was good.. I have commented on 1 of your posts… If i went out of line kindly forgive me.. I wasnt talking religion just giving an example as I know it

      1. not at all my friend … I am not religious at all personally and would never feel offended or anything of the sort, my friend. constructive and reasoned dialogue is what we need and we shared such a wonderful conversation yesterday 😊

        please always write what you think and as for those who take offence – let them 😁

        Peace and warmest wishes my friend ✌

      2. and once again, our conversation yesterday was really wonderful – always a pleasure to meet a like-minded person who is as erudite and shares their thoughts so articulately.

        once again, warmest wishes, my friend

        Shanti Peace Shalom Salaam Paix uKuthula

      3. I have checked again and can’t seem to find your comment, my friend. apologies to you if you thought I was offended because I would not be, after all a healthy exchange of ideas and thoughts is part of the magic of WordPress.

  3. That bond between a mother and a child, whether biological or not is always everything worth fighting for.
    Thanks for bringing this one. Will read.
    Makes me feel like I’m not alone in my quest to make everyone see a reason to mother our kids, anywhere, anytime…like, you don’t have to give birth to one before you can love them just as much.

    1. Very very true Cynthia.. A child is a child and love is love… Both cannot be ruled by genetics.. I am glad it touched your heart.. And I am so happy that, that is your quest…

  4. Your reviews are really great. I’m going to make a note to pick this book up (or download it) and I hope it’s as good as your review!!!! Great post!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

      1. Omg. You’re going to have me in my feelings. Lol. …. ok, I’m going to try & get it so I’ll have it to read for the weekend!! Thank you for the review & keep up the good work!!!

  5. Excellent review ..your way of reviewing the book is unique and I like it..It’s not only about the plus and minus of the book, but it’s also about how the book made you feel..from the start to the end..👍 keep going strong.

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