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Someone asked me yesterday — why should I believe in you? I was left shell shocked. I didn’t know what to answer. In this virtual world, why should anyone believe anyone? And what makes someone believe in me?

After 9 months of blogging, I think I have made some good friends, people with whom I have connected with, people who have connected with me. And though it is just words, I believe that it is a genuine connection. In the real world, such a connection is easily evident, especially if there is a chance that a meeting would happen. But how do I convince someone of my genuineness when there is no chance of meeting or any further conversations?

The best way I could reply was — I asked her to trust her instincts and feel the vibes which she receives from my words and get to know me. Only time would convince strangers to become friends. Well, that didn’t convince her, methinks. Now what…? I wonder…

But this question has left a deep impact on me, I could not sleep half the night. Why should anyone believe in me? How do I convince anyone that I am genuine? How do I write a piece about me which convinces the other person to believe in me?

So I leave this post with an open ended question asking you the same and wanting the same..
Why should I believe in you? And why do you believe in me?

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    1. Oh Heleen, you are a darling. Thank you for your kind words. You already know what I feel for you. You are a beautiful human being, a woman par excellence. The respect and friendship and encouragement you have given me, I feel honored. And you are a fabulous author.

  1. It’s all your decision to believe in or not and you shall not force someone to believe in..also remember we every year make lot of friends, may be some acquaintances..but how many are still in contact next year? less,, that’s the belief

    1. Well, I suppose so… How do I make someone on the internet believe in me with my words? I talk what I feel, believing or disbelieving depends on the other person.

      1. It takes time for that. I believe that you must be persistent and consistent. You do not have to worry does people believe you or not.There are many things on the internet and people simply do not believe in everything they read.

        1. I agree Ben. I was asked to to write why a person should believe in me. So I wondered why.
          Thank you for letting me know your point of view

  2. “If you believe very strongly in something, stand up and fight for it.”

    “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.

  3. Hi Shalini, some good questions. Firstly you can only believe in me if you want to. I can’t force you or tell you to. But if you don’t then the only thing I could ask is that you give me the chance to.
    Personally I believe in you and you should believe in you too. As long as you believe in you no one else matters.
    Hope you’re well 🙂

    1. Hey, Simon, I am better today took me the whole of February to become ok.
      Thank you, you understood what I had written about. I agree totally to you. Our belief in each other comes with the conversations we have.
      I was asked by someone – why should she believe in me? I don’t have an answer for the why

      1. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.
        Of course I understand, it’s something we normally go through but don’t think about. 😀

          1. That’s good. It is the weekend now. I hope you get lots of time for yourself.
            Here the weather has been erratic and bad hence the long flu and the weakness

          2. Finally the snow cleared up, weekend was ok but mad as usual. I hope you’re feeling better 🙂

  4. Great post Shalini and I can see why it kept you awake thinking about it. I believe in you because by the way you word things when you speak is so sincere even if it’s a tough subject to talk about. You exude honesty which for me personally is something I highly value. You also show that you have a bit of a tough skin cause you’re not afraid to speak to a person. Why should you believe in me? Well that’s up to you decide. I think you gave good advice about following your instincts however. It feels real, then it must be for now. Like one of your friends up above, sometimes we all drift apart but it’s up to both parties to put in the effort, to believe a friendship could last for a lifetime for it to work. If the strong belief is only on one side, it’s highly likely the friendship will fail in the long wrong. See! How you got me rambling on your post. I’m gonna stop now 😉

    1. Hahaha… Ramble on darling Nel. I got you.
      I believe in you because you call a spade a spade. Sometimes when I don’t want to face something, I want to be a coward, your posts come at the right time and they show me the way sometimes, or they show me beauty of nature, or they just make me laugh by the ‘sheer briefness’ (hint hint wink wink)
      Initially I was scared of you, as you come across a tough girl and slowly as I got to know you, I realized you are tough, straight, kind, honest and you have a soft heart. And I am in awe of you. I am learning to be bold from you.

      1. Aww you are completely flattering me here Shalini. I was not prepared for that but I’m glad you see all that in me cause I do strive to that person who will always be honest with everyone especially my friends even if they don’t want to hear it. Scared of me?? I’m glad you got over that. I’m very squishy and emotional. Nothing to be scared about 🙂 I hope I continue to be someone you learn from as I learn from you with these amazing posts you write <3

        1. Oh yes, I do learn from you. I see a different world, a different perspective of this world from you. And you come up with the most amazing posts even on the days you can’t think of a topic…. I never flatter. But I speak the truth about you. You are a very honest person difficult to see that nowadays.

          1. Same here! You inspire me to think more creatively about the world I’m in that’s for sure and I love it because the more open minded I am, the better. I thank you for your truth and hope you accept my truths to you as well. I totally agree and totally just made a post about how friendship his hard because honesty just isn’t common anymore. People see what they want to see and sometimes it’s nothing at all or not enough no matter how hard you try to get them to open their eyes. I so hear you, girl.

        2. You guys are the ones who are amazing turning out beautiful posts every day. I just write occasionally when I stumped by life.

          1. Haha. It’s not easy but I am really random so I give that part of my brain the credit. Life is very stumping. Mine definitely is. I have no time to read anymore. It’s so sad but I have hope my free time situation will change!

    2. I was asked to write in a paragraph why someone should believe in me and that got me. I had no answer. I had to say believe in your instincts and decide… I can decide for myself, I can’t make the other person believe in me

      1. This is true. It’s just like that saying “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”. It’s ultimately always up to that other individual.

        1. I agree. The other person kind of freezed me out when I asked her to use her instincts and trust the vibes she got.
          Well ah, she must have received the ‘do not believe’ vibes. That’s the way the penny falls. At least it fell just now, messaging you. 😂😂

          1. That’s really weird that she would freeze you out over a question like that. But hey, she snoozed and lost. You’re a great person and you gave the best advice.

  5. I believe in you because I choose to. Your writing speaks for itself. The blogging world is unlike any other social media site. To write something, ANYTHING, you have to be genuine. It’s hard to be fake when you write, because according to me, that’s the reason some of us write in the first place. To be ourselves in the way we can’t in reality.
    And you should believe in me as the main reason for me writing is to be the real me. Being an introvert it’s hard to do that in reality, so sometimes you find an alternative. Whatever I’ve ever written – in my blog or otherwise, is the real Shreya Madhusudan.
    As I said before, I believe in you because I choose to.
    (Sorry I haven’t commented in so long! Limited WP time due to exams)

    1. No problem Shreya, please do your exams very well. I understand your point of view. I believe in you, because you are an honest soul. And there is a connection between us. It has come from honest exchange of views. But it is also because of the vibes we share.
      Good luck my darling💗💗

  6. You always ask the tough questions. I think it’s a simple response. Or do I mean brief?

    We can only show people to believe in us when we are honest, true, fair, consistent and open. It can happen at other times, but there’s a murkiness in those situations. You have been genuine since we met months ago so I believe in you.

    1. Aww… I don’t mind brief, but being a fan girl, I would prefer debriefed hehehe.
      I was asked this question, Jay and for once I didn’t know how to answer the question. How do I make someone believe in me in a paragraph??
      Same here, it is over time, and over our genuine straight conversations that the trust and friendship and love started. It takes time and effort and basically patience to give each other the space to be honest.

  7. I hope that people can feel the truth in our words through the passion in our writing. But, people also have a right to their own opinions at the same time. I can never ask people to believe in me becauee they have to decide that on their own. Maybe my words are not meant for them and that has to be ok. Sometimes, they can’t be for everyone and when opinions differ some people can’t accept that.

    1. I liked the way you have put this together. I agree. I was asked to write a paragraph about why she should believe in me and I was stuck there. Why should anyone believe in me? But we as humans are not an island. We need people virtual and real. So we gauge from the vibes passion, honesty of the writing and trust the other person to use her instincts. Welllll…. She stopped talking. That tells me.

  8. You don’t need to convince anybody. You know that you tell and write the truth – that’s enough. It is not your fault that this person does not believe in you. Maybe it projects its own lack of truthness on you…

    1. I understand your point of view and I agree to it. Just was a bit shocked when someone asked me to write a paragraph of why they should believe in me.

    2. Thank you so much for your point of view. It was just one of those things where I didn’t know what to say. And that question made me think

  9. I think negative people will ask such questions…It’s so funny..To ask such questions….But I’ll say thoSe who don’t believe in themselves and break trust of others will say this…

    1. Well, I suppose this is another way to look at it. It’s possible, or the other person has been hurt many times, so is probably taking care, not to get hurt.

        1. Maybe Sana, it was not hurting, maybe just protecting herself. People are different so we do not know what she has gone through in life. Thank you for letting me know your thoughts. It was a new viewpoint for me

          1. I understand, Sana. The person I was chatting with wanted me to write a paragraph about why she should believe in me and I didn’t know how to answer. I tried to answer. She didn’t like it and stopped chatting
            So I suppose she doesn’t believe in me… Well that’s life I suppose

  10. Well the question is actually genuine, if you think about it, even in the real world when you think the person is genuine, it turns out the person isn’t, so this kind of insecurity is only genuine.
    The insecurity, according to me is as genuine as you are. I don’t have a reason, but I just feel it, rest, only time will tell 🙂

    1. I was asked to write a paragraph about why a person should believe in me. I had no answer. I did give an answer but she stopped talking so I realised she didn’t believe.
      I find you very cute and genuine, so I believe in you

    1. Hey Sri, long time since I connected with you. Omg how are you? How’s life? What’s happening with you.
      You are one of the few who sees me as that. Thank you for the tag line for me. I am gonna use it as the intro…

  11. I’ll start with the question in the penultimate para, what can you write something about you to make them believe you? You already have. Your writeups, even reviews, carry a bit of your genuineness in them and that is what convinces people to believe you 🙂

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