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Tour hosts wanted for Wild and Country. 

Dates: November 21 – 25

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He’s the best man and I’m the maid of honor at our best friends’ wedding. They both warned us off each other. Together, we’re dynamite. How long till we get burned?

All my life, I thought I was the wild one, but little did I know someday I would meet my match. His name, Tucker Philips. Fun fact, he’s Chicago’s number one womanizer. And as of recently, my kryptonite.

The first time I lay eyes on him was at our best friends’ bachelor/bachelorette party. Minutes after I swore I was done with men. FOREVER.

Yes, I wanted nothing to do with the one species who manipulated and broke my heart multiple times in the past anymore. Been there. Done that.

Until he happened. And wreaked havoc all my plans.

And surprise, life also has its own plans ready for us. Very specific plans neither of us saw coming. And that could mess with our seemingly perfect lives.

As our friendship blossoms, Tucker decides we should be together. For real. No more games. No more hiding our relationship from our friends. One problem, though. With my dating history, I’m not ready to give in and let the attraction we share consume me.

No matter how cocky as hell he is or handsome and devilish he looks in his tailor suits, I won’t listen to my traitorous heart. I know his type. And it spells “trouble” in big bold letters.
Between us, Tucker Philips isn’t the only wild one, and I can hold my own.

I’m about to show him I won’t fall for his ways, because I master the game too.
If he wants a chance, he’ll have to play by my rules too.

Can Tucker follow up with me, or will he declare game over before our relationship has even started?

Wild and Country is an emotional rollercoaster that will transport you on a journey that will stick with you well after you read “The End,” and is filled with hot steamy chemistry, addictive wild personalities, and the perfect amount of sass, angst, and romance.

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