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Welcome to my blog again. An honor to have you.

It’s an honor to be back!

1. Robbie, we know poems make you tick and you are a children’s author. A good one at that. Tell me how do you get ideas for a book?

Great question. Lots of my ideas come to me when I’m sitting on a train, or staring out of a window at a cafe. I make sure I write everything down. Some of my ideas are a bit ridiculous when I look at them later, but some of them are ready to be turned into a story.

2. Inspiration for OVOT? did you have any such odd teacher during your schooling?

Nope. All of my teachers were decidedly normal. I think the concept for OVOT came from the idea of a teacher acting in self-interest; that’s something that would really stand out in a school, because teachers are generally driven by incredible altruism and passion for their work (even the ones that are a little bit grumpy)!

3. I loved Adam totally irrevocably. Is Adam based on you? (*thinks to myself* should I tell Robbie I love him too completely?)

Aww shucks, Shalini, you’re making me blush! I suppose Adam has some of my characteristics, but many things about him are truly unique. He has the uncanny ability to catch a teacher’s suspicious eye when he’s doing nothing wrong—and he has courage that I definitely didn’t have at his age. I’d hope that if I went to Adam’s school, that we’d be friends.

4. Any best friends in school like Jennifer? Do you have your 4 am friends now?

For many years of elementary school, I felt on the outer, actually—but as I grew up, and grew into myself, I built a circle of good friends. I never really had a “best” friend, but now I have several—I am very lucky.

5. What’s next in line for you? What’s the next book about?

Friendship, actually! The Kooky Kids’ Club is a book about a girl called Maxine who is a bit of a misfit. In the space of a few mysterious weeks, Maxine’s teacher goes missing, and Maxine receives an invitation to a meeting of a club called the “Kooky Kids’ Club.”

It’s been the hardest book to write, so far—but also the one that has been shouting the loudest to be written!

Stay tuned for more from Robbie tomorrow. I never stop grilling my authors.

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    1. I write the questions, don’t you know I am demanding? Robbie, with no choice, has to answer!!! 😉😉😂😂❤️❤️💃💃♥️♥️
      One day, Robbie is going to say I am too much work for his blog tour where he is supposed to relax. But I put him to work 🙈🙈🙈

        1. Hahaha… I realized that, this blog tour has been too exciting. It’s literally hopping or dancing!! Where is the time to come down to earth to do other work??!

          1. Hahaha I get my work done… I know the timings of the posts as I read the bloggers’ posts everyday. So I keep a watch in that time😉😉😂😂🤷🏻🤷🏻

      1. Haha: wel you are demanding in a good way😊😊 💜 And I am pretty sure that Robbie doesn’t think that all. Your questions are always fun to read😊

  1. Great read, Shalini. Nice to learn about Robbie and his creative approach with writing. You perfectly master the art of the interview by the way.

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