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I am so excited!!
Robbie is back!! He Is back!!
And I am absolutely jumping with joy!!
Another awesome book written by author Robbie Yates. I have read the book, I endorse it completely. This is one book I am buying for my niece. It is going on our shelf.
Can you guys make out how much I heart this book?!!

Digital Reads Blog Tours presents One Very Odd Teacher by Robbie Yates

Bloggers, you know what to do
2 dates each for the tour in the comments section or fill the form here

68 Responses

          1. Dates here!! Get your dates here!!!
            What kind of dates would you be selling?? The fruit variety? Or the human companionship variety?… Would I start calling you Madam?? 😂😂😘

          2. Only you would think your interweb wife would be running an alternative Escort service!! 🙄🙄😏😏🤔🤔
            I meant the dates of the eating variety….
            And who would want to date me😒😉🤔

          3. Ha ha! So, I productive day then!! 😂😂 That’s okay. I got caught in a silly conversation and have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING today, myself even though I promised myself that I would spend the 3.5 hr trip today, reading…. That did not happen. Ha ha!!!

          4. I’m so excited. I am really happy that there’s some new bloggers as well as some from the previous blog tour – it’ll be awesome to hear how this book compares to the last! 😊 Thanks for all the work you’ve done arranging it so far!! 😁

Awesome to see you here. Let's chat.

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