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Quite a charming book set in a quiet Cornish village with a not so charming murder. Author Dee MacDonald, with the first book of the series, had laid down the precedent where cozy met with grit and determination to solve a murder.

A knife to the heart near the cakes, and Kate, a nurse, was the first on the scene. Together with the lead cop, Woody Forrest (and yes, that really was his name) the duo went about questioning the suspects to unmask the killer.

Being the first book set in a close knit community of the village of Tinworthy, I fell quite in love with the seaside village and its residents. But it was Kate who was etched most lovingly in the book. With an observant eye and intelligent mind, she was quite a force in the book. I loved the way investigation was interspersed with barely a tinge of romance.

The writing set the right tone for the story with red herrings and motives; the twists were gentle and inserted at the right times. Characters were varied and lively. I was happy that the book read fast, at least faster than the normal cozies.

Overall, it a sweet whodunit where an amateur sleuth and a professional cop joined hands in mutual respect to shake down the savory character from the community. Fun times, indeed.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Kate Palmer has relocated to Cornwall for a quiet life. Moving into picturesque Lavender Cottage with her sister Angie, the little village of Lower Tinworthy should be the perfect place for their fresh new start. But within weeks of their arrival, there’s a death in the close-knit community…

A woman is found dead in the village hall, with her own kitchen knife next to the body, covered in blood. Kate, a practice nurse at the local medical centre, begins to piece together the clues. Fenella was at the centre of village activity, and there seem to be plenty of people who had reason to dislike her. But did any of them hate her enough to kill her?

As Kate gets drawn into life in Lower Tinworthy, she begins a close friendship with Detective Inspector ‘Woody’ Forrest, who is near to retiring – and determined to crack his last case. Together, they set about solving the mysterious crime.

But when someone breaks into Kate’s home and leaves a warning note on her pillow, it becomes clear the murderer is prepared to do anything to keep their identity hidden… Will Kate work out who’s responsible, before she becomes the next victim?

Publication Date: June 2020

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  1. Ok Shalini my hands are itching yaar, I am really controlling myself in adding more to my TBR, but anything with that kind of cover image is an immediate sell for me(sigh). Lovely review👍

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