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A beautiful book of a dog’s chance to love and bond with his new family.

Author Casey Wilson wrote this beautiful tale of strangers becoming friends then a family through the strings of the heart. Family was whom the heart chose. Sometimes destiny…or perhaps a puppy would lead us to a second chance at finding all that we had lost.

Madison and Abbie changed town every six months. Until they reached Millbury. And the town and its residents changed her life, especially Arthur and his puppy Duke.

Told in dual POVs, Madison and the puppy Duke, it was brilliantly weaved to show the thin strands of caring between people. The characters were delightful, well developed. The author made the prose so welcoming that reading about them felt delightful.

A golden retriever with great instincts along with easy ways to live life was a joy to read. Humans spent their days worrying about the future when they should be enjoying today. Well said by Duke. Twists and unpleasant characters added a spice.

Duke held a special place in my heart as he could gauge the emotions of his humans and help them. I loved how he helped Abbie with her issues. It warmed my heart to read about this new family, who came together with the love in their hearts.

Overall, small pleasures in a dog’s life were amplified when they echoed in my heart. A wonderful way to begin the day.

I received a ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Sometimes the dogs we rescue… also rescue us.A heart-wrenching and beautiful story perfect for dog lovers everywhere.

Madison knows her fourteen-year-old daughter Abbie is struggling. She wishes she could give Abbie stability, the promise of a forever home in Millbury, but she is scared to stay in one town for too long, and every day Abbie seems more anxious. Until a chance encounter with a beautiful, boisterous golden retriever puppy called Duke changes everything…

Duke bounces into the community centre where Madison is working and when Abbie meets him she stops pacing the room. Duke is tugging his owner, seventy-five-year-old Arthur, along for the ride, and instantly Madison sees a way she and Arthur can help each other. She offers to train Duke so that Abbie gets to see him, and from that moment the four of them become a family.

Madison finally feels like she has a second chance at life and a reason to stay in town, but when her past catches up with her they are all at risk. Duke may have united this family, but will he be able to keep them together?Publication Date: July 2020

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      1. I am reading The Last Train to Key West in between unpacking my housewares into my new kitchen, which seems to have become a lifelong task, trying to fit all my junk into new cabinets. It is getting easier and easier to throw things away!

  1. I love dog stories too, but much more i will recommend this to a friend of mine, a little bit unwilling reading books in English language. 😉 Btw: I had fallen in love with your emoji. :-)) Michael

  2. I am such a sucker for dog books, especially one with the dog’s point of view. The cover on this one grabs me. Nice review, Shalini.

    1. I saw one on Netgalley. open to read. and I am quite tempted. But I have books pending from April, so I am taking it slow. Hoping to finish all pending ones this year.

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