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Happy Publication Day!!

I loved DCI Anna Tate, and I loved author J. P. Carter style of writing this story. It is bloody brilliant, if I may say so. It is a police procedural where Anna was called to solve the murder of a young girl Holly whose body was found in the woods. Anna Tate was supported by a good hardworking team, forensics, and sheer dogmindedness and commitment to solve the murder.

My second book by J. P. Carter, and I was so deliriously happy when the author gave me a second story about Anna’s daughter running parallel to the main one. Anna’s daughter had been kidnapped by her ex husband 12 years ago, and her search was on.

I loved Anna, I know I am repeating the sentence, but the way she could compartmentalize her personal and professional life was nothing short of brilliance. Knowing that her daughter was so close yet so far could create havoc in a mother’s mind. It is the author’s sheer talent that has etched a character like Anna who has now become so close to my heart.

The plot lines of both the story were convoluted. Nothing was as it appeared. The story of Holly went through various curves. Just when I thought it had reached a finale, there was another layer to it. Whoa!! Made for exciting reading. The parallel story about her daughter had a gamut of emotions running through it, along with a twist. Omg can you see what this author can do?!!

J. P. Carter’s books seem to have hypnotized me. I was supposed to read only for an hour, but to my amazement, I spent the entire morning reading this book. I clearly was completely lost in the book. As you can guess, I loved the book, the character, and this author.

I received a free ARC from NetGalley and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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When DCI Anna Tate is called to the gruesome discovery of a dead woman found on Barnes Common, she is plunged into a high‐profile investigation involving a prominent MP. London is baying for blood – but is there more to Holly’s death than at first meets the eye?

Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Anna’s missing daughter Chloe, who vanished ten years ago when her father kidnapped her. The case has been cold for what feels like forever – but a phone call brings a brand new lead…

Can Anna solve the murder case whilst dealing with her own personal demons? Or is someone from the past planning to get in her way?

Publication Date: 22nd July 2019

Publisher: Avon

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    1. Thank you.. This was supposed to be a short read before other work… I ended up completing it. It shocked me too and of course, I was running the whole day with excuses of traffic jam as my explanation

  1. Well, when you completely lose track of time when you are reading a book, you know that something is right with it! Great review as always! 😘

    1. One was a professional case and one was way too personal… So they don’t intersect… But she is in the midst of it with her heart warring

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