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My review is dedicated to my darling heart Nina, her love and friendship makes me feel more alive, she sends all those warm vibes, and to Jessica Redland because I admire her determination to acknowledge all bloggers who read her books.

Girls, this is for you 💖

It is so close to Christmas and my heart is all warmed up in yet another book by Jessica Redland. I am on a triple roll, my mind is seeped into the characters of Castle Street

This was a beautiful story of the cupcake and baking queen Carly who had a delightful shop filled with these goodies. Her sister Bethany helped her in running the shop, but she was a bit of a klutz. And Carly was hiding a secret for 18 years. Everything was revealed 2 days before Christmas

My second book by Jessica Redland, the story not only brought out the love between sisters, it also showed the camaraderie that existed between all the others on the Street who pulled in to help Carly in crisis.

The book had romance in it, and it was cute and delightful. It dealt with shades of bullying too. But relationship between sisters was the main theme. The writing caused me to curl up with my kindle. The cakes caused me to order one (I don’t even like cakes). The romance in friendship made me long for one.

But soon my niggles crept up on me, the sister was drowning in insecurity a wee bit more, and I got really irritated when she ran away and did not inform. Apparently, she forgot to see the phone… Who does that now, we are stuck to our phones…

But the book kept me totally engrossed in the story, some moments came alive and I could see the entire scene. I loved the book and I was so happy the book loved me back.

I downloaded a digital copy of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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It’s Christmas in Whitsborough Bay. Carly Travis, owner of Carly’s Cupcakes, has two Christmas wishes this year. Her first is for her younger sister, Bethany, to focus on the positives in her life, including her Christmas wedding, instead of writing herself off as a failure. Bethany’s attempts at cake-decorating aren’t going to win any awards, but she’s certainly great with customers. Carly’s second wish is for her best friend, Liam, to come home for Christmas.

When Liam calls to say he’s been granted leave from the army, Carly makes a third Christmas wish. It’s the one she’s made every year since she was a teenager and, if she’s really brave, could this be the year when it finally comes true?

With Liam coming home, the shop having its best year yet, and a wedding to look forward to, it’s shaping up to be the best Christmas ever for Carly. But for Bethany, things are starting to unravel …

Publication Date: 4th October 2017

Publisher: Little Bear Books

38 Responses

  1. Wow. You’ve been reading lots of fun Christmas stories lately. You are certainly versatile. You make me want to branch out and read all these different genres! Another captivating review, Shalini. As usual, your words pulled me in and make me want to check the book out. Hope your Monday is going well. 🙂

    1. Monday is going great.. It is Christmas season.. Has to have warmth, love and cheer and now I have you too. My life is complete 😘😘😍😍💕💕

    1. Oooh yes… I know so, now many have started using it… If I don’t use it in a review, I am often asked about it😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
      Merry Christmas

  2. Lovely review Shalini. I also have KU so am hoping to get to this series. I have read such great reviews of the various books and I know if you enjoyed them, I will as well.

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