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There are some books which make you smile and sigh and just feel glad you got the opportunity to read them. This was one such book, and Victoria Cornwall was one such author who could fill my heart with the beauty of her words. Ah, yes… I loved the book, and it is not even the genre I normally read.

Grace had discovered a secret about herself which shook her core, so she ran away from everything known, her parents and village. Talek and his sister, Amelia, found her at the station, and they took her in. Life soon showed its twists with secrets, lies, deceit, and love.

My first book by this talented author, the power in her lines soon sent its wisps to enamor and hypnotize me. I didn’t even realize how into the book I was, when I reached the last page. The story had everything. It was complete. All the three characters slowly were linked in various subplots that I was amazed how it was all done.

They had their own strives in life; they took their own decisions; and they made their own mistakes. I slowly started falling in love with all of them, one page at a time. The first meeting of Grace and Talek had its own charm when she accused him of a crime which made me think the book was a thriller. All thanks to the author. The book had its other villains too… My thriller-y heart was pleased.

The slow evolvement of the story lines, the steady pace, the strength of the characters, the beauty of those times all pulled me in. Then there were those emotions, so full, so beautiful, they made me love the story of Daniel’s Daughter.

I received a free ARC from the publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Sometimes the truth is not easy to say and even harder to hear …

Cornwall, 1895.
Grace Kellow is a young woman with a strong sense of who she is and where she comes from. As the daughter of a well-respected Cornish dairy owner Daniel Kellow, her existence in the village of Trehale is comfortable and peaceful.

But then handsome Talek Danning comes striding over Hel Tor, and soon after his arrival Grace is hit with a revelation that leaves her questioning her identity and her place in the Trehale community.

In her hour of need, Talek and his sister Amelia offer Grace sanctuary – but wherever Grace runs, her secret will follow …

Publication Date: 24th March 2020

2 Responses

    1. This was beautiful. You must have read the first book by this author. I think it came on Rachel’s Tours… I want to read book 1…

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