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A debut by author Jo Allen, the book started with a raging fire and the firefighters struggling to put it off. When one of them entered the barn to check for residual fires, he stumbled over something. It was a charred dead body!! A child at that!! A child which no one reported missing. With this startling discovery of the murder, DCI Jude and his team including newcomer Ashleigh start investigating…

A good police procedural with hardly any clues to work on, the team started its legwork. It was grueling, to say the least, hoping to get witnesses, watching hours of CCTV footage, door to door questions on minimal sleep. The team was cohesive, and with a newcomer, they didn’t find their rhythm till the mid half of the book. Enough backstory had been given about the cops to personalize them and get to know them.

They talk about cop instinct in books. In this, Ashleigh had the woman’s instinct along with her tarot reading. I found it fascinating. The cards predicted what would unfurl. Quite a different take on a police procedural.

The niggles would niggle and I couldn’t stop their niggling… The book was extremely slow in the first half, though it did pick up pace. There was a lot of backstory of the cops, I didn’t need to know what the ex’s thoughts and feelings were. Writing was slightly dry at places, so it took time to get into the flow.

A good beginning to a series. Overall, a fun read with some well planned murders.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher Aria, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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It’s high summer, and the lakes are in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave. Uncontrollable fell fires are breaking out across the moors faster than they can be extinguished. When firefighters uncover the body of a dead child at the heart of the latest blaze, Detective Chief Inspector Jude Satterthwaite’s arson investigation turns to one of murder.

Jude was born and bred in the Lake District. He knows everyone… and everyone knows him. Except his intriguing new Detective Sergeant, Ashleigh O’Halloran, who is running from a dangerous past and has secrets of her own to hide…

Temperatures – and tension – in the village are rising, and with the body count rising Jude and his team race against the clock to catch the killer before it’s too late…

Publication Date: 9th May 2019

Publisher: Aria

24 Responses

    1. Exactly… I was shocked when the fireman stumbled and kicked it because it was right at the door of the darkened barn… Chilling

  1. Great review! Hopefully the next book will move a little faster now that the background info has been covered in this one 

  2. Hmm. These DCI procedurals keep calling my attention. But I have to say I do like covers with the one spot of red in clothing or a special object… on another note 😂

    1. Police procedural part was fun other personal factors, not so much. I felt I didn’t need to know ex’s thoughts and feelings who was not even part of the cop team… Ah well book 2 would be good

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