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Happy Publication Day!!

What a book! What a clever book!! What a wickedly clever book, well crafted, strategic, and oh so thrilling!! It was as if the author knew that after reading so many police procedurals, I needed a book which would produce a zing in me, a rush of adrenaline.

My first book by author Stephen Edger, and definitely won’t be the last, in fact, I crave all his books now. The story started insidiously telling me about the 2 main characters Meagen who had survived a house fire but lost her partner, and cop Jake who was on disciplinary leave but was soon reinstated in a different department.

The story continued parallel to each other with the author adding in more details to Megan’s nightmare where it no longer was restricted to fire but went on to becoming visions. Deja-vu. Jake was assigned to the various suicides happening across towns. Till Jake decided to trust her visions… Now he was going to be the victim. Could he save himself?

The author’s writing was smooth, I savored each word written. Each layer added brought a tiny bubble of effervescence with a snap of adrenaline, this tiny flicker of excitement added to the thrill of the story.

The author knew exactly how to lure a reader in. I loved Jake, he was strong, vulnerable at moments, passionate at others, and mostly fair to everyone with a deep rooted sense of justice. Oh, how much I fan-girled him!! I frankly need more of him. But it was to Meagan that my emotions were connected to. The things she went through… Each was horrifying.

The story became a race against time which brought it to a finish so unexpected that I couldn’t sit still while reading it. This was one stupendous thriller which masked as a police procedural. Excitement frizzled in me, barely giving me the patience to read every page. I wanted to get to the end sooo badly. Could you tell how much I enjoyed the book?

I received a free ARC from the author, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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How can he solve a crime that has yet to happen? Especially when he’s the next victim?

Haunted by a fire that robbed her of everything, Megan Hopkirk is having nightmares of strangers being killed. The dreams are so vivid that she almost believes them to be real. When those same strangers start dying, she doesn’t want to believe that her subconscious is predicting their deaths.

How can it be when she’s never met any of the victims? Desperate to prevent further loss of life, she reports her dreams to the police.

DS Jake Knight is facing a disciplinary hearing following a dangerous operation that left a colleague in hospital. When he is assigned Megan’s case, he sees it as a punishment and is eager to dismiss her as a kook.

But when her next prediction also comes true he begins to believe her claims. And when she predicts his death next, he’s in a race-against-time to solve his own murder before it happens.

What connects the victims in Megan’s dreams?

How can her visions of the future be so accurate?

And does Jake Knight have enough time left to connect the dots?

Publication Date: 31st October 2019

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