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This was one of the most twisted tales of the human psyche. The story was exactly as the title suggested. The biblical meaning applied to the characters in this book.

Susie and Ray lost their daughter to a road accident in a head on collision with the driver of the car who was texting and driving. The boy was in coma, the daughter died, parents devastated, they wanted pure, cold, unadulterated REVENGE. States away, a daughter of another couple was raped by the son of a senator. Then came the twisted plan. Think Strangers on a Train

My first book by author J. K. Franko, and man, did he plan the perfect murder. It was obvious where the story was leading to from the title and the various references. But it was the delivery which shocked me to the core. How to plan a perfect murder ought to be the name of this book. The author’s brain could take the various scenarios and make his characters take the precautions to subvert it.

Franko had not written this story to be only about that. He went one step further and showed me how the cops tightened the noose around the perps. The characters were etched with a flair for wickedness. Did I blame them for wanting revenge? No. How could I? They had lost an only daughter to an idiot texting while driving.

The human psyche was explored brilliantly. There were layers which were hidden deep, way back to the childhood. The seeds of evil were sowed before I could guess what the hidden nuances were. The last half had the tension overflowing where I could feel the cops getting closer and closer. But did Susie and Roy get away with it? Read the book.

I could only say – Whew – after reading it. A different heart pounding thriller. My midnight read.

I downloaded the digital version of the book from Kindle Unlimited, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Franko was born and raised in Texas at a time when what he really wanted to do in life – writing and film – were not considered legitimate jobs. His Cuban-American parents believed there were only three acceptable career paths for a male child: doctor, lawyer, and architect.

After a disastrous first year of college pre-Med, he ended up getting a BA in philosophy (not acceptable), then he went to law school (salvaging the family name).

Franko was on law journal. His work was cited by courts, and he was recognized on the National Law Journal’s “Worth Reading” list – which for law is the equivalent to a top review in the New York Times. He left law for corporate America, with long stints working in Europe and Asia.

It was his wife who pushed him to write novels. And, after thousands of hours writing, and seven or eight literary miscarriages over the course of eighteen years, he completed his first book, finally launching his career as a writer of fiction.

Ironically, although he started writing fiction before any of his three children were born, they were all old enough to see and remember their father’s first book launch.

J.K. Franko now lives with his wife and children in South Florida with their four dogs and one cat.

What would you do if someone hurt the one you love?

When I first met Susie, she appeared to be a normal, happily-married woman dealing with tragedy.

Then, I uncovered her secrets.

While I could understand everything that she’d done, I could never approve.

But, knowing what she was capable of, it became clear that if I was going to survive her, I had to play by her rules.

And, the first and most important rule is… leave no singing bones.

Publication Date: 16th March 2019

Publisher: Talion Publishing

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  1. A heart pounding midnight read! I’d have read a twisted, psychological thriller in broad day light, preferably outside with the birds singing! Great review, Shalini, I’m curious now if the parents got caught or not

  2. This is the first that I’m hearing about this title. It sounds so good and super intense. Just checked on NG and seems it wasn’t an ARC on there. Will look out for the book though. Amazing review, Shalini.

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