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My review

At 70 odd pages, this was the easiest read in recent times. But what made this novella interesting was the pace with which the sequences in Branna’s life occurred. Not a moment went where my mind wandered.

My first book by author Katherine Bryant, and I was delighted to find a dashing, impulsive main character who could fight with a sword alongside men, ride a horse, and use her brains during moments of strife. I like Katherine Bryant’s main character Branna, she was gumptious!!!

This was book 2 of the series, and it followed Branna’s journey from book 1, where she had to escape with her husband (apparently she was forced to marry him) and her brother-in-law, from his castle. On the way, on getting information that the enemy planned to capture her brother, she managed to find her brother Oren and his friend Sahil and fight their way to escape, leaving her husband and Lothia.

The book had a lot of fight scenes (my fav!!) and it showed Branna’s ingenuity on more than one incident. The only thing that niggled me was that ideally the books should be read in order to get a good idea of the situation and to familiarize with the main character, and this was not a complete book, it just felt like an intermediate journey to reach book 3 with its unanswered questions.

Overall, quick and enjoyable read about a brave warrior!!

I received a copy from the author, and this is my honest abd unbiased opinion.

My rating : 4 stars

About the Author

Katherine Bryant is a chronic daydreamer who settles for writing fantasy and sci-fi in lieu of actually being able to explore magical realms or distant planets. The Coldwood Saga fantasy novella series are her first published works. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner and menagerie of pets.

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Book blurb

In the year following the rescue of her brother, Branna tries without much success to adapt to her new life in Coldwood. But when the war spills onto her doorstep, she is forced to flee the battle-ravaged land with her husband and overbearing brother-in-law. Dodging enemy soldiers isn’t the only obstacle Branna has to contend with. Enemies both near and far threaten her plans to reunite with her brother Oren and friend Sahil to seek safety beyond the borders of Lothia.

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Publication date : 16th October 2018

Publisher : Little Monster Press

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13 Responses

  1. I find that many series of shorts that are called serials, slowly introduce characters and their traits, its maddening, but keeps you wanting more.

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