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This was a cute love story which was told from the man’s POV

Cohen was a workaholic who had come to the Greenwich Ice Creamery on an errand for his mother where he met River. It was quite an attraction between the two. But River was deaf and it was now upto to Cohen to learn and speak the sign language to proclaim and prove his love for her. Both the seems of mothers didn’t want the relationship initially. So the stakes were high for Cohen.

My first book by author Sharon Ibbotson, it was quite a cute read. Cohen was interesting and he grew over the pages. I liked how the author showed me his transformation. Love really makes us forget the world and do anything for our beloved.

Cohen soon matured and it was nice to see the relationship with his mother become stronger. I didn’t know much about Hanukkah, so this was a different theme for me too. The backdrop abd descriptions felt real. Since this was completely from Cohen’s POV, I didn’t know much about River’s thoughts. But her actions spoke louder and made me realize that she too loved him.

Overall it was a sweet read, where it soon became obvious that love didn’t need language or words. It just needed 2 loving hearts to reside in.

I received a free ARC from Liz and publisher, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!! STRICTLY HONEST AND UNBIASED.

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Hanukkah days, Christmas nights and strawberry ice cream …
Cohen Ford is a man who could do with a little bit of sweetening up. It’s no surprise that when he walks into The Great Greenwich Ice Creamery on a typically gloomy London day before Christmas, he insists on a black coffee rather than his childhood favourite – strawberry ice cream.
But then he meets River de Luca, the woman behind the flavours. After their first encounter, Cohen begins visiting the ice creamery every Tuesday, gradually learning more about the intriguing River. Could her influence encourage cynical Cohen to become the man who embraces Christmas, Hanukkah and even strawberry ice cream?

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