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Friendships forged in childhood especially in the teenage years are never forgotten. Even if the meeting takes place 20 years hence, the heart always recognizes the love and draws in together.

The same was seen with Emily, Lolly, Amanda, and Jess who met after 20 years with secrets galore between them, yet one look at each other just erased the distance between them. It then felt like they had never separated. They stood up for each other.

Anna Mansell was brilliant in her writing, she knew how to draw me in, filling me with a curiosity to know more about these ladies. They were in their forties and had seen their share of life, but I loved the way they bonded together. The best part for me was that they accepted each other as they were, knowing each other’s quirks. This is generally seen in women who have grown up together.

This book reminded me of my real life friendship. We studied together, we saw each other every single day during the undergrad days. New year’s eve was always at her home with her. Our families were friends too. We separated during our post grad days, then came jobs in different continents. Now we may meet once in five years or so, but years just melt when I am with her. I am the same outrageous person when I am with her, the true ME comes out then.

This book too brought out the true colors and bonds between the WOMEN, and I simply loved it. It just took me two tries to really get into it as I found the initial part a bit slow. A book of friendship between different, well characterized, comfortable in their own skin women. And they stole my heart.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and Publisher Bookouture, and this is my journey into its pages, straight from the heart!!

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It’s been over twenty years since four very different teenage girls sat on that beach at Goran Haven, and swore to be best friends forever. Their lives went different ways after Emily left. But each remembered that promise. And none truly found friendship like it again.

Now, Emily’s back, with a secret she can’t face. She tries to hide away, take time to heal and make some difficult choices, but she runs into one of her old friends, and soon the four are reunited. Lolly, warm as ever, is a successful physiotherapist, married with kids. Yet smart, strong Amanda, who cherishes her teenage daughter, is alone and seemingly stuck in a dead-end job. And creative Jess is so much quieter than Emily remembers.

The bond is still there, and Emily realises their friendship might keep her together, but there are reasons why the women fell out of touch. Secrets that have lain dormant for decades start to surface, and then one of the women discovers a betrayal so big, it could turn each of their lives upside down.

Publication Date: 1st April 2019

Publisher: Bookouture

27 Responses

  1. Wow, I really like the sound of this one Shalini and the theme of friendship. So cool that you are your friend have that bond that doesn’t go away no matter how much time you’ve spent apart. This sounds like a lovely read…no niggles, I see 🙂

  2. Oh I want to read this definitely! Lovely review. Your longstanding friendship reminds me of mine. One of my blessings.

  3. Wonderful review Shalini. I think I have read about 5 reviews for this book today and I am pretty well hooked on this one. Everyone likes the relationships and that is what I expect from a female friends story.

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